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Ashish, Embroidery, Ashish embroidered sweatshirt, logo sweatshirt

Mrs V gives this ‘coming to a store near you’ ‘devil’s in the detail’ heads up for SS 2017 It’s as well to know what’s coming your way. Forewarned is forearmed don’t ya know. Lots and lots of detailed and embellished style is your template for any projected purchases. The ascending Ashish brand is the flag bearer for beaded and bejewelled gorgeousness. Example ; the sweatshirt featured above, wear it with jeans or a long flowing skirt and sling a conflicting pair of shoes on and you rule. It’s that easy. Now look at all the other fancy schmancy bits and bobs that can hang off or cling on, to anything that you can wear…

Fyodor Golan SS 2017, Denim jacket, jewell cuff detail, embellished denim
Ashiosh printed monochrome sweatpants, Ashish SS 2017, sweatpants, Athleisure, joggers
Fyodor Golan SS2017, Denim, designer denim, jeans, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing


Fyodor Golan suggest the chandelier jewel, dangling and sparkling along with some soft fraying around and about their jeans.

Ashish SS 2017, Ashish monochrome printed Denim, Jean Jacket, denim jacket, designer Denim
Ashish SS 2017, Embroidered Rose motif,
Embroidered Denim, Ashish SS 2017, designer denim, jean jacket, embroidery, Ashish
Ashish embroidered clothes, Ashish SS 2017, Embroidered Denim jean jacket

Ashish rock the above variations on a Denim theme. Invest in one good piece and squish it into any look that you already own. A one statement shout-out and the rest of the outfit will take notice and lots of people too ( in a good way). Embroidered sweatshirts and a swishy or tailored skirt, trousers wide or cigarette and any jeans that make you feel fab, are prime style collateral that’ll take you out for supper or go with you to actually buy the food. All depends on the heels you choose. Going there with my very own personal saviour style, Athleisure. Predicting what my piggy bank will have to be explodingly full to afford, but the heart wants what it wants, are these Ashish, printed sweatpants.

I swear to God that if you can find a sporty garm and put a tailored something with it it. You’ll be so good to go.

Champion sportswear, Champion SS 2017, men's sweatshirt, logo sweatshirt, designer sportswear

Look out for gender fluid dressing and head straight for this Champion sportswear men’s motif sweatshirt. It’s yours because unless he’s a millennial he’ll look silly.

Fyodor Golan SS 2017, neon evening dress, long dress , athleisure style evening wear, sport style, neoprene bra let

The back of this Fyodor Golan dress that suggests you’ve come straight from exercising, power, influence, charm or your glutes. It’s all acceptable as long as you are accepting of it!

Ashish SS 2017, embroidered sweatpants, athleisure

Again with the sweatpants. Ashish goes there. Why don’t you. Doesn’t matter if you ever put a toe in the gym, as long as you put a toe in something as pretty, trendy and functional as this.

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