Get the Blues

Chanel-Marc Jacobs close up - 1 (1)

What I get up to when no one’s looking. I get all experimental and  when I was recently in Paris, I took all three daughters to worship at the shrine found at 31 Rue Cambon. The Chanel flagship store. Whilst babies #1,2 and 3 were dillying around breathing in the sights and smells  (money and perfume), of this inner of innermost fashion sanctums, I was in the cosmetics corner feeling mighty fine. I had found an Chanel’s Cils Scintillant Jazzy Blue Sparkling Top Coat Mascara.                             Credit cards to manual…

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Utterly Fluttery

Prada glasses, mascara

Here is the mascara that I have chosen to wear over Chanel’s Beaute Des Cils Nourishing base, previously mentioned. Although during my modelling career I have had my eyelashes slathered with designer mascara’s I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an area we are right to be circumspect about. Honestly I truly believe that with mascara you can circumnavigate the luxury label and go high street saving you money for far more exciting merch. 

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My Eyes Now Have It

Chanel, Beaute des Cils, nourishing mascara base, earrings, double ear piercing

I know that some of you clued up beauty clever clogs are already  practising what I’m about to preach, but I have had my Eyelash Care epiphany and I’m quite evangelical about it. Having gone straight to the top with my research, friends, daughters and myself. It appears that Chanel’s Beaute De Cils has been nourishing the initiated’s eyelashes since 2011, and as no one told me and as I was too busy with the school run to even put on socks most mornings during that period, my eyelashes and the care thereof featured on no one’s horizons. But now that I have entered my in your, and on my, face period, I am sorting out my top ‘new to me’ ( and possibly to you too) products in both style and beauty hemispheres.

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Whole in One

Daytime Dungarees - 1 (2)

Jumpsuits, Boiler suits and Dungarees. Some  of my favourite things, and strongly featured in my wardrobe. A whole outfit in one. Nothing to stress over, the top and the bottom match! There are day ones and evening ones, but my preference are the ones that go anywhere at anytime. How great is that?

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