All That Glitters is Not Gold.


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The sun’s out, and everything is shiny so is sharing a style find. Rushing around Carnaby Street on Friday I found this top at Monki  and bought it not in silver as shown, but in black, reduced from £30 to £8 in store, even though it says £15 from Asos. Loads still hanging there ( whats the matter???) It’s slightly tailored and made me get all Audrey Hepburn about myself, freckles and frizzy hair not withstanding… that is me Mrs V. I wore it under my Lee dungarees to the theatre. Nothing cultural, but a Soho venue and a day to evening situation developed. This top elevated an outfit that had pounded the streets with me by day, to ending up walking me down The Mall at 11pm by night.

metallic, Mango, short sleeved top, silver t shirt, round necked, pleated fabric


On a roll (neck) and supposing that not everyone wants a tailored top, but still wants their body crossed with silver, I suggest this ever so pretty pleated metallic t shirt from Mango. Mango launched their ‘Metallics’ collection last week and have featured Karlie Kloss modelling it. They’re not silly, she’s just a gorgeous girl, naturally flipping’ fabulous. Best not to dwell there, instead look at the message; shouty silver will do the job, nothing left for you to worry about, lipgloss or ‘stick if you fancy, and Glow from Topshop because I fancy . Now read on for news of your bottoms…Metallics by Mango, silver sequinned skirt, silver pencil skirt£39.99

Sit back down, those of you that ran screaming from the room. This Mango Metallics skirt is a possibility for every single one of us. Long top, short top, no right or wrong. Long t shirt, flappy denim shirt. Hide or reveal, this season you are invincible, you have the trend technology. It’s out there, everything you need to aid and abet the wearing of this skirt. Again my mantra; high heels, flats, trainers, ankle boots, Uggs, Birkenstocks. Shop your shoe rack. You’ve got this.

Mango frayed jeans, skinny jeans, denim


It’s nearly a one-stop-shop situation. These Mango frayed jeans could not be more on trend if they were called Anthony Vaccarello and were Uber-ing over to Yves Saint Laurent as I post. Honestly, back to you and your social obligations, personal taste and in -wardrobe state. I could throw 821 suggestions for silver style supremacy at you but instead  Nike’s immortal words ‘ Just do it’ are my advice..because…

All that glitters does not cost gold.

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