7 Degrees of Separation

mother, child

Here I am, effortlessly holding a very pretty 5 year old girl. The photographer is Ross Feltus, Boris Becker’s former father in Law. Turns out he was quite a slow photographer, and this job got a little less effortless . I do seem to be frowning. German Vogue.

Surprisingly Cheap, Beautifully Cheerful

moisturiser, hyaluronic, vitamin, retinol

Supposedly perusing the internet for something completely different like light bulbs or something, my subconscious vanity  hijacked me and suddenly I was quite happily sifting through anti wrinkle creams, truly . Don’t query the route I took to find these products from OZ Naturals, just read on.

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Sun Shiny

TOPSHOP, Highlighter,eye shadow,glow, iridescence,illuminator

Look what I’ve found to shiny up your life. These little darlings are compatible with all skin colourings, and contours. Just choose a pretty place on your face and smudge them on. They are TOPSHOP treats,and are winners  all the way on the quality, price and fun spectrum.

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Turban Throwback

turban, italien vogue, Deborah TurbevilleAaaagh! I’m a giant. A giant wearing a Turban for Italian Vogue, shot by very fierce photographer called Deborah Turbeville. I would elaborate, but feel that my time may be better spent learning to edit/crop my photos. OMG I thought I was getting somewhere with the tech stuff.

Airing my Views

peacock, window, fields


I have a Peacock known and loved by us all. He’s called Narcissus, and true to his name, is mostly found framed by, or admiring his reflection in, a window. He’s quite the curmudgeon and gourmand. Shouting if we are too noisy, and shunning bird food, particularly the type specified for Peacocks. Go figure. Anyway, we purchased him with the house, a sort of perching tenant. Narcissus, is like the Ravens at the Tower of London,talisman, gatekeeper and quite an arse really.

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Book Club hereafter known as BC

Page 74, and really being drawn in, maybe that’s the Leprosy element. It’s intriguing, and the scene is being set, just fast enough so I’m happily turning the pages. Win…so far

Little update. I’ve finished the book which turned out to have diminishing returns on the original and plausible front.

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Book Club

I am just about to start on my latest BC book, which is The Island by Victoria Hislop. Last month we had Perfume by Patrick Suskind, which I’d read when the whole world was reading it, 25 years ago. Did not love it’s dark and dank protagonist then, and would not have chosen to ever meet him again. 

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Black sequin plunge neck evening topI have just bought this little evening T Shirt from ASOS as I think it’s going to unlock quite a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that are lovely but currently have no real destination, and are causing a bit of a gridlock situation.

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Flung back Thursday

Scan 40

Here in Hermes, happy as could be.

Hermes is not all about the Kelly Bag and chin strapping headscarves. When I was modelling for them over 20 years ago, I learnt a little bit more about luxury and style. I was told by someone who worked there at the time,  that one can’t achieve beauty without a little tiny bit of bad taste, just a small element of wrong, that makes an outfit perfectly right. So true, it can be a gaudy print on a fabric, an iffy hat, or a confrontational  colour, and believe me as a redhead I’ve been subjected to some tricky ensembles. When Marc Bohan, was at Dior he presented me with a Evening  Suit in a stupefying shade of lime green with black polka dots and said, you’ll look lovely in this…. I struggled with that concept, but strangely it worked, dots, colour and curly red hair. Would not have picked it off the rail beforehand, but might now.

Would wear it with Trainers though.

Pony Tails

pony tails - 1 (1) Swing time, Vogue UK, July.

July Vogue has promoted pony tails and the wearing thereof, so do I. When I was little and my mother tortuously brushed my hair with a very un-bendy hairbrush and restrained it with an elastic band ( no nicely covered stretchy bands way back then ), it became a tearful process, both doing the style and then undoing it.  I associated Pony Tail’s with pain and ugliness, which in retrospect wasn’t surprising as red puffy eyes are rarely pretty. Now, it’s all change here with my Tangle Teeser and my forgiving hair bands. It’s a style that depending on the height and position, on your head,  can suit any age and face shape. You’ll see in some other posts that I do tend to scrape my hair back in a pony tail with varying styling success, you be the judges. Also, the nape of the neck, under used body part, so set that as featured image for a while, We like!

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