Pale and Interesting.

Lingerie, M&S Lingerie, flesh coloured lingerie, Bra, lacy underwear

M&S Embroidered Bra £22.50

I know, I know, my posts have been like buses, you wait forever to get one and then two come along at once. Never one to let the grass grow Mrs V thought a shake up of regularity and format may properly rile everyone up. How nice is that? I Just need you to know that one can walk a long, lonely way through frilled, embroidered and lacy lingerie departments to be confronted with the sad sorry sight of hideously practical Flesh Coloured Underwear. As a Model they’re a kind of uniform, a basic of the job. Therefore I’m at saturation point with bras that look like beige pouches and knickers that look like you’re being prepped for an operation. Nah, none of that thank ya!

Lingerie, Flesh Coloured Underwear, cream lace knickers, ladies underwear, Mrs V,, Vanessa voegele-Downing, Hi-Rise panties
M&S lingerie, ladies lingerie short, lace underwear, women's knickers, panties

M&S Embroidered Hi Leg Knickers £10  Embroidered Hi Rise Shorts £10

Sometimes masquerading as Cream or Mid Beige (both applicable to my skin tone), this genre of underwear has for Mrs V crawled under a rock and wants us to go there with it. Share the joy as I hustled my way toward the Mini Flapjacks through the M&S Food for the ‘I can’t be arsed’ Hall when this underwear shouted at me. It shouted cute, chic, sexy stuff and to shut it up, readers I bought it. Mrs V will be wearing all sorts of risky transparencies of clothing items and so, so very much hoping that you cop an eyeful of what’s underneath. M&S are purveying this at wondertastic prices and I hope that it may underpin this monolith’s resurgence to producing clothes that we may even wear, but that definitely don’t wear us. Re Food Hall; As you were!

If you have skin tones lighter than Vellum or Tooth Beige, count yourselves well lucky and I have no truck with you on this issue!

Marks (and Spencer), Get Set, Go.


M&S A/W 2016/17, ecru cable knit sweater, cut out shoulder chunky sweater, big drawstring shoulder bag, big leather bag, brown leather bag

This is a bit of a ‘deja vu’ post. It has been on your screens before but it was pointed out to me that some of you need a nudge at the appropriate times for designer diary dates. Here is my official metaphorical starter gun going off and now it’s up to you to sprint down the high street and through the M&S checkout line. Warning; some of this is new content!!!

M&S, M&S A/W 2016, silk bomber jacket, asymmetric midi skirt, roll neck jumper, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing , LEATHER HANDBAG
M&S A/W 2016, marled wool tunic and trousers, trouser suit, Down jacket, Puffa jacket, trainers

I’m in love with the M&S design studio who have truly, tremendously styled their A/W 2016/17 collection. The clothes are fabulously presented, lip smackingly approachable and owe much of their purchase appeal to the bang-on-trend way in which they’re presented. Consider the above suggestion of wool coat, floral boho midi dress and peep toe high heeled shoes that normally wouldn’t be seen anywhere without a cocktail. A mix of opposing fabrics, time slots and tones.Thanks are due to ‘outside the box’ thinking by the M&S style Sherpas.  All of us here at The Model Edit(presently me and Blog Dog Hippolyta Beryl ) love this anachronistic style shove. Not just that, but how about the brown tones featured on the seriously usefully sized  brown leather bag mingled with the colour black appearing elsewhere on the outfit ? Dating back to biblical times, is  black with navy or black with brown a fashion faux pas? It is allowed, always has been and is now positively encouraged. Go there

M&S A/W 2016/17, long black sleeveless evening dress, roll neck jumper, polo neck black jumper, evening shoulder bag
M&S A/W 2016/17, evening gown, women's black roll neck jumper, shoulder bag, black evening bag

This particularly pretty sleeveless long black evening dress with it’s gentle layering, gathering and lace inserts appeal goes to places that on it’s job description, it normally wouldn’t. Sling a roll neck jumper underneath and you’re there, naughty as anything wearing evening clothes in the stark staring daylight. How nice is that? This is not is not going to nudge the EU Referendum off the headline slot, but it may stop you retiring last year’s evening dresses for the sake of a black roll neck jumper. I love this juxtaposition. You save money, you recycle and you receive rave reviews because you are riding the trend.

Kettlewell, black silky roll neck jumper, black roll neck jumperSilky Roll Neck £39

If you’d like a slightly subtle roll neck, I suggest one of my wardrobe wonders, the saviour Silky Roll Neck from my lovely friend Melissa Nicholson’s company of go-to basics Kettlewell. I’ve got a white as well, which I think would look good worn for the same reason.

M&S, A/W 2016, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,Boho midi dress, floral dress, leather shoulder bag, handbag
M&S, A/W 2016, short shift dress, floral dress, pussy bow blouse, handbag, leather clutch bag

Every outfit has it’s handbag friend. Choice a go go. You won’t be in free fall or missing that one last accessory that cinches the deal. It’s all appearing in a store near you in September. Thing is, we have all the components of a complete wardrobe refit here, and no flags flying to denote it’s provenance. Which after all is a good thing. I don’t want my clothes to advertise the store where I bought them. I want them to advertise me. M&S are showing real verve and bravery, as it taps into who they know is out there but still leaves a changing cubicle aside for their residual inhabitants. Every woman that will shop a style from here will be taking this brand to it’s next base. We’ve been wondering how long it would be. Wait over.

Here then is the prospect of a self styling reappraisal of fashion preconceptions and permitted behaviour. Your old, can become your new, after a trolley dash around M&S . Round of applause for the M&S styling visionaries and their one-stop-shop suggestions.


The Other School Uniform.

Faux Fur jacket, M+S , M+S faux fur bed jacket, short deconstructed jacket
Woollen dressing gown, M+S house robe, M+S lingerie, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Wool dressing gown, M+S, M+S nightwear, lingerie

Dear All,

Weighing in on the ‘nighties on the school run’ debate. I am absolutely fessing up to doing that. Ok it’s true, I haven’t been seen at the actual school gates in my slippers smothering my 3 princesses with kisses ( yes, kissing them at school gates, a very popular move), but there’s a fine line between Uggs boots and my Celtic house boots, equally discerning the difference between actual sweatpants and the bedroom guise of  ‘lounge pants’.I am grateful to the new great and gorgeous M+S, A/W 2016 collection, with its deconstructed casual, pretty and practical house robes because although not available in store until September, it will be hovering around well in time for Christmas lists, which is when we can all order our new school gates uniform. The subversive little items shown above are my ardent suggestions for your new politically correct school run garb. They won’t give your morning ritual away, they will permit you 10 mins longer in bed, and they will cover you up and keep you warm.

BUT, consider this;

Celine S/S 2016, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Celine S/S 2016, white satin/silk, black lace, wide legged trousers, camisole top

Celine S/S 2016

Is Miss Head of School, not letting me wear outfits that are currently completely on trend and not just available from Coco de Mer, or Agent Provocateur ? No Miss, you shouldn’t because similar are attainable on the high street and some are residing in my too trendy ( according to one  headteacher’s style edicts ), wardrobe, and if I wore them on a rather hot summers day, maybe Sports Day with a little cardi in case there’s a cool breeze,  would I have stones hurled at me for looking inappropriate? Truly people, most teachers can teach me huge amounts about Methods in Mathematics  but perhaps less about the how to rock a tracksuit that is going nowhere near the locker room. The Model Edit is not judging and would like that courtesy extended.

Mrs V is off to Waitrose now in my tracksuits which may or may not have been on a sleepover with me last night…


M+S Nice and Easy.

M&S The Big Easy collection, M+S Press Event A/W 2016

The ‘Big Easy’ collection

When Mrs V attended the M&S press event held yesterday Thursday May 12, M&S’s autumn/winter 2016 collection was unveiled  to the fashion press. One segment of it will go on sale online and in 26 stores – six months earlier than it usually would. This means that at selected stores it is actually on sale right now. The “Big Easy” autumn trend, as M&S is calling it, offers us minimalist, transitional items and for that reason you should book at seat for it, front stalls, in your wardrobe. The Big Easy collection will ease that transition period when we say sayonara to summer and need treats to console us because winter is waving at us. The Model Edit has already developed profound feelings for the gorgeous black and white cropped Palazzo pants. Genius. The little black pinafore top that they’re teamed with offers the am/pm options that just makes life easier. And from the rest of the M&S A/W 2016 collection? Get your diaries out ladies, when it arrives in September it’ll be a sprint to the tills.

Watch this space lots more to come on this as my M&S crush develops into a full blown love affair. You didn’t see that coming, right?

Big Girl Knickers, ( has it covered)

Dolce and Gabbana

Lyst £525

Dolce and Gabbana, lingerie, designer lingerie, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,, polka dot, sexy underwear, big knickers

 Now that we have that out of our systems, but at the same time have set the waistline quite high, I shall continue.

To quote Dita Von Teese, flamboyant and professional knicker wearer.

”Don’t save your good lingerie for dates, wear it for YOU’.
Shall some of us also interpose ‘husbands’ for ‘dates’?

Shall we wear what tickles our fancy and shake it up a bit, given that styles for S/S 2016 don’t include clothes being superglued to our arses?

There has never been a better time to shop the navel grazing pantie. Truly, when I started researching this post I underestimated the size (just the once, promise) of this phenomenon, and am now knee deep in knickers. This just goes to show me that big girl panties are on the up and up…. Cutting to the chafe, we can swap our our g string days for regulation school uniform undies,and from there to lacy lady knickers. There is nothing or everything, to hide in. We can mete out the sexy. I don’t need to point out every nuance of the sensual slip of your choice, however, in my mind, the bigger the knicker, the longer the reveal… As I mentioned in my recent Fashion post Join The Navy knickers that maintain full cheek contact are stating their case, and this season’s fashion cares not a fig leaf for that bully, VPL. You are literally spoilt for choice and I felt frenzied about what I would wear, what I wanted to recommend for you and the full economic panoply.

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Moschino boxer shorts, women's underwear, briefs

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Sleepover Style

pyjama, shirt, striped shirt, long sleeved shirt
Celine S/S 2016, nighty, underwear, black lace, white silk satin, white chelsea boots
pyjamas, striped shirt, pale blue stripes

 Yesterday I went to see what Toast is offering us for S/S 2016, at their Press Day.   I am here to state that true to Fashion’s mythical ‘ we speak as one ‘ inexplicable, coincidences in trends which occurs every season. I have spotted a most liberating movement going on. Which is the ‘what me? I was wearing this last night’ ( literally ), look. It is nightwear masquerading as perfectly acceptable attire no pillows attached. Whichever segment of your 24 hour cycle you’re rolling home from, or out to, day or night. Pyjamas and Nighties, that’s what you’re allowed to wear. Celine says so, and so do M&S and Toast. They are writing you a note to hand in at reception, which states that these are real clothes and to be permitted access all areas. Yes, I’m going to do it and so must you. Both of the above shirts are fabulous to plonk over boyfriend jeans or a skinny version. Do you know which one is the actual Pyjama?

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Press Go

black lace, underwear, corset, lace body, black lacy underwear

Thought I’d grab your attention with this image, because by simply writing M&S, I just couldn’t see it happening…

Last week I was invited to the Press Day for M&S, I’ve done it again, anybody still with me? This is when a brand shows it’s latest, greatest looks destined for your wardrobes for the following season. In this instance Spring /Summer 2016. Having slightly slagged M&S/Per Una off in my Blog Manifesto, as a retail representation of women’s ‘ white noise clothing’ I went to this Press junket with an open mind, but not very high expectations. 

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