Pixi’s at Work.

Pixi Glow peel Pads, Pixi Skintreats, Hyaluronic Acid, skincare, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, themodeledit.com

 The May beauty crush. Pixi Glow Peel Pads

 Petra Strand  is the beauty and the brains behind the skincare brand Pixi the culmination of acquired knowledge from her 20+ years experience as a makeup artist & product developer. Pixi products are formulations infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Their ethos is to create products that are multitasking, flaw-fixing and youth-enhancing for women like us with no time to spare. Goes without saying that they are the offerings of  a busy mother of four who has previous in the beauty industry and therefore knows how to cut to the chase. I like their strap line ‘ Flawless in fuss free minutes”

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The Other School Uniform.

Faux Fur jacket, M+S , M+S faux fur bed jacket, short deconstructed jacket
Woollen dressing gown, M+S house robe, M+S lingerie, Mrs V, themodeledit.com, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Wool dressing gown, M+S, M+S nightwear, lingerie

Dear All,

Weighing in on the ‘nighties on the school run’ debate. I am absolutely fessing up to doing that. Ok it’s true, I haven’t been seen at the actual school gates in my slippers smothering my 3 princesses with kisses ( yes, kissing them at school gates, a very popular move), but there’s a fine line between Uggs boots and my Celtic house boots, equally discerning the difference between actual sweatpants and the bedroom guise of  ‘lounge pants’.I am grateful to the new great and gorgeous M+S, A/W 2016 collection, with its deconstructed casual, pretty and practical house robes because although not available in store until September, it will be hovering around well in time for Christmas lists, which is when we can all order our new school gates uniform. The subversive little items shown above are my ardent suggestions for your new politically correct school run garb. They won’t give your morning ritual away, they will permit you 10 mins longer in bed, and they will cover you up and keep you warm.

BUT, consider this;

Celine S/S 2016, Mrs V, themodeledit.com, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Celine S/S 2016, white satin/silk, black lace, wide legged trousers, camisole top

Celine S/S 2016

Is Miss Head of School, not letting me wear outfits that are currently completely on trend and not just available from Coco de Mer, or Agent Provocateur ? No Miss, you shouldn’t because similar are attainable on the high street and some are residing in my too trendy ( according to one  headteacher’s style edicts ), wardrobe, and if I wore them on a rather hot summers day, maybe Sports Day with a little cardi in case there’s a cool breeze,  would I have stones hurled at me for looking inappropriate? Truly people, most teachers can teach me huge amounts about Methods in Mathematics  but perhaps less about the how to rock a tracksuit that is going nowhere near the locker room. The Model Edit is not judging and would like that courtesy extended.

Mrs V is off to Waitrose now in my tracksuits which may or may not have been on a sleepover with me last night…


M+S Nice and Easy.

M&S The Big Easy collection, M+S Press Event A/W 2016

The ‘Big Easy’ collection

When Mrs V attended the M&S press event held yesterday Thursday May 12, M&S’s autumn/winter 2016 collection was unveiled  to the fashion press. One segment of it will go on sale online and in 26 stores – six months earlier than it usually would. This means that at selected stores it is actually on sale right now. The “Big Easy” autumn trend, as M&S is calling it, offers us minimalist, transitional items and for that reason you should book at seat for it, front stalls, in your wardrobe. The Big Easy collection will ease that transition period when we say sayonara to summer and need treats to console us because winter is waving at us. The Model Edit has already developed profound feelings for the gorgeous black and white cropped Palazzo pants. Genius. The little black pinafore top that they’re teamed with offers the am/pm options that just makes life easier. And from the rest of the M&S A/W 2016 collection? Get your diaries out ladies, when it arrives in September it’ll be a sprint to the tills.

Watch this space lots more to come on this as my M&S crush develops into a full blown love affair. You didn’t see that coming, right?

A Scintilla of Style


The Model Edit is not just about what I’m wearing, but also very importantly to me, it’s about inspiring you to create similar looks from your own wardrobe.

Mango Fashion, metallic sequins, Sequinned jacket, zipped sleeves, silver
Mango Fashion, Mango, sequinned jacket, silver jacket, sequinned jacket, zipped sleeves, white Levis, black lacy bodysuit, lacy underwear H&M, H&M lingerie, white Converse boots, Chuck Norris
Mango, Mango silver sequinned jacket, zipped sleeve jacket, Toyshop silver ankle boots, Zara skinny jeans

Last Wednesday we had summer. It caught me  off guard and left me with the dilemma; Do I waste these rays by carefully spending time coiffing my hair and meticulously applying make up to shoot these new Mango items or, do I simply swipe on some Topshop Rio Rio Matte lipstick  that shouts very loudly and largely deludes people into thinking that I’ve made an effort? Life’s a bit short and quite a lot of it in the shade so I am to be excused the rufty tufty allure of the visuals due to lots of stuff that frankly we all experience yet never sounds interesting. Its the wisdom in my words that matters most here and that is top quality stuff. Here’s the kicker. I have incorporated another facet of themodeledit fashion wizardry by giving you a glimpse of lingerie modelled by me MrsV. Alert Reuters.

Left to right all worn with the Mango sequinned jacket;

Because this little sparkler has the biker element of zipped sleeve cuffs, it’s mixing day with night. My favourite, never get bored of saying ‘most clothes can do two things if you know how, which is where I come in’. First out of the hypothetical starting gate and conjoined with my favourite logo t shirt bought in Hong Kong featuring ‘Mao-Bama’ are my vintage Adidas sweatpants found in a scruffy old charity shop in Shepherds Bush. I can’t help but imagine that a very un-fashionconscious person traded up for a Wayne Rooney Man U shell suit, thereby affording me the opportunity to ‘shine bright like a diamond’ in my look. Chuck Norris Converse coming at you from my ankle regions. Bralet from Urban Outfitters.


Urban Outfitters Bralet

Urban Outfitters £20

Selfishly I think it may suit less cleavage rich women, but isn’t it the truth that you are spoilt for choice in the ‘tits out for the lads’  (or the ladies ), ( or yourselves) category. Can we have this?

Teamed with vintage white Levis 501’s bought in the East Village, NYC about 30 years ago.   (No, I do not think that if you haven’t worn something for eighteen months you should sling it!) Again with the Converse All Stars party, venue; my feet . Black lacy racy body  is the most amazingly fabulous, really comfortable, suitably sexy, and versatile body from H&M which although seen in London in the last ten days and purchased in the last outpost of anything very current, Exeter, on Tuesday, seems not to feature currently on the H&M website. You can see if you scrutinise which at this point I don’t really mind you doing, that I have wound the tie bit around my neck and achieved a pussy bow.  I am wearing it with nothing underneath but I could be persuaded to put a singlet, or bra etc. This way girls with bigger boobs can join with us exhibitionists.

Black lacy body, H&M lingerie, black lace, sexy, see through,

H&M £19.99

Lastly,  my bezzies; a Brandy Melville t shirt, Zara jeans and Topshop silver Chelsea boots. This is probably how you’ll see me wearing this jacket the most. A sort of don’t care attitude, but do care ethos.

Encouraged by the deep love that I was experiencing via my jacket, I pressed ‘send’ and doubled my quota of silver sequinned closet friends and gained a skirt, oops.

One skirt duly shoved through my letterbox from Mango, three looks proving my point that a tight pencil skirt is available to all and depending on the length of top that you choose, will reveal or conceal your body secrets.

Silver sequinned skirt, Mango metallics, pencil skirt, side split, white linen pyjama top, White shirt with navy piping, Converse All Stars
Brandy Melville top, white sleeveless blouse,
Whistles, peasant blouse, silver sequinned skirt, Mango metallics

Left to right all worn with the Mango Metallic skirt;

Pyjama top made for me by an admirer. I’ll tell if you guess who. Ever faithful white Converse  well worn so totally loved, hating the thought of updating as I gradually leave tiny pieces of these everywhere I go now. If you haven’t got a pair, just get some  please

.Brandy Melville top, back fastening , current as anything can be, given that I left the shop with this purchase a couple of months ago. Same shoes.

Vintage peasant top from Whistles. I remember the day I bought it twenty years ago. Kings Road Chelsea, baby in pram, screams, tension = I bought one in each colour in case I never got to a shop again. Topshop silver platform sandals, no longer actually available but more of the same everywhere.

Tops that would also work with the skirt;

ME+EM Tie Neck Silk Blouse, pussy bow neckline, silk blouse, silk shirt, silver tie neck shirt
Zara Asymmetric Pleated Top, black short sleeved top

Tie Neck Silk Blouse from ME+EM  £148 and Asymmetric Pleated Top from Zara £19.99

Styles Worth Getting Out Of Bed For

Chanel A/W 2016, wide legged trousers, floral prints, silk trousers, silk blouse
Miu Miu denim, denim jacket, denim skirt,
Chanel, Chanel A/W 2016, white t shirt, long black skirt, off the shoulder

The Model Edit is not above a little inspiration that could ultimately lead to a transformation. Here are three looks that are top trends currently. Blink and they may have wandered off, consigned to the Valhalla of Wardrobes. However, just before they transcend, let’s regenerate, courtesy of the catwalk.

Left to right;

Chanel. Floral flimsies, trousers and shirt. Scrutinise. You’ve already got either-or right now in your wardrobe and if not there are pretenders on your high street. No messing about. H&M, Zara etc,etc have got this covered. It’s very feminine and forgiving. It’s a look that hides and highlights. Work it girlfriends.

Zara, Zara floral silky shirt, floral shirt

For example…

Zara outfits. Almost had conniptions trying to choose from their bloody amazing selection in this genre.

Vetements. Denim duo here. Hackneyed debate- to double denim or not? I don’t mind, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t . Give it a go, you couldn’t be more on the money. Literally denim is the code that we can all decipher. Jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts and hats, yes thank you Zara look at this. I will be the real Slim Shady in this all summer long.

Zara, Denim hat, denim, Mrs V, www.themodeledit.com, Vanessa Voegele-Downing

£15.99, couldn’t be nicer.

Chanel. Off the shoulder anything you’ve got. Genius white t shirt idea. Girls, catch me if you can because I’ve got some bustiers that nearly got their marching orders. Nah, they’ve been called to duty. Put your white t’s under anything at all anyway, but more marvellous even would be that they fill in the shoulder gaps left vacant by another garment also being worn. Lovely, lovely. You have the t shirt world at your feet, but because I think that they’re a bag of treats as a brand, I’m showing you this ‘job done’ t shirt for your online shopping pleasure from ME+EM.


ME+EM, ME+EM white t shirt, crew neck t shirt,

£35, sartorial sure thing.

I have thrown back the bedsheets, you know the way to your wardrobe. Components from all these looks may languish in there somewhere and if not, you also know your way to the high street or can click ‘send’ from where you’re reading this right now.