Beauty and My Beasts.

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Left to right; Illamasqua Growl, Illamasqua Sangers, Topshop Infrared, Illamasqua Liv, Illamasqua Posture, Mac Stone, Mac Brave, Mac Pink Plaid

Lipsticks, hands, fingers, Mac, Illamasqua, Topshop, cosmetics, beauty, Make-up

Fingertips are a more similar skin tone to your lips than any other exposed dermal surface, better the the back of your hand. Which is why I’ve daubed my digits with the appropriate (left to right ) lipsticks in order to give you a realistic idea of their actual hue. Genius idea and I’m so happy with my blog helpfulness and all would be well in my blogosphere if I hadn’t pitched in and helped clean out the Chickens first. It occurs to moi that my hands look like badly made-up Chipolatas. These featured lipsticks are mine and in daily use. They are on little outings all the time e.g. the gym makes me stretch into my make up bag for Mac’s Pink Plaid or Brave. God knows how others cope with the multifaceted mirror environment at the gym. I do a risky lipstick reboot and Mac lipsticks can slide on all sneaky and silky, but stay put through a sweaty work out. London means Illamasqua Growl or Posture (huge favourite) depending on who, where, and what. Got to tell you how much I love the matte but not dry formula, that this brand has perfected.  Topshop’s Infrared is so much fun to wear it counteracts any matchy  matchy thoughts that you may have had. this Rio carnival of a lip colour doesn’t want to match anything which is so powerful. It’s a signal that you’re self confident enough to just put it out there. It should have been called Defiance. I don’t expect you all to wear it but some of you may have an occasion. Mrs V has a beauty secret.

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Here ’tis. The double pink whammy that I’m currently engaged to. Illamasqua Powder Blusher Katie, teamed with Illamasqua Lipstick Liv. Kiss me quick! The Model Edit is currently mightily into that ‘Dairymaid’ freshness and will be milking it for as long is appropriate… Blusher is something that I really couldn’t be bothered with since my modelling days. I have colour on my cheeks, cheers Dorset, and I sort of didn’t feel the need to chisel out or rosy up my cheekbones. You could have knocked me down with Bobbi Brown’s best make up brushes  after a quick dabble with a few epiphany engendering testers at Illamasqua’s Beak Street headquarters. I was seriously surprised at the big difference that a little dusting with this powder blusher made. These particular shades are my passion, but yours will be different. How nice can it be to have your lips and cheeks agree? No shouting just a glowy fresh, young, harmony on your face. Truly girls, its so blooming easy.

The cosmetic brands featured are tried, tested and in constant use by me.

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