Update on my Concealer

Just gotta say, it’s all good here. It’s 9.o5, still 31st May, and I’m getting into my Pyjamas, because I’m that exciting. I have looked resplendent all day, with no dark circles, and I owe it all to Estee Lauder!

Blog Dog

Blog Dog - 1

The Blog Dog, Miss Hippolyta Beryl, at her post ( in her post ), next to my desk.

I Need This

White Denim Levis Jacket - 1


I want this more than I need this. The Levis Trucker Jacket on it’s own is an iconic item of clothing, and I do own a couple, but not a white one. It’s a wear everywhere piece. Practical and funky, it comes with no age restrictions. I intend to have one before the month’s out, any which way…

Magic Wand

Estee Lauder Double Wear - 1

I am seriously seeking out the absolute top essentials for my make up bag and donating some of it’s current inhabitants to the V and A, as historical artefacts. There are so many choices to be made because there are some properly fabulous products on offer. I started my fact finding mission, at the beginning, by pursuing the base layer, and it’s best friend, concealer. After doing the footwork ( eye work really, as I trawled magazines and the internet ),I went to the Beauty department of London’s top department stores, and started sampling. For me, the winner was Estee Lauder’s Doublewear wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer 

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Deep Cream

Lipikar - 1

As you have possibly noticed, I am a redhead, and with being a redhead, comes tricky skin. It can be dry, sensitive and easily sunburnt. I have had so many make up brands used on my skin, and dealt with the fallout from some of them. When I was living in Paris and working frenetically, I didn’t really have time for problems of the epidermal type, so I became a patient of an amazing Dermatologist, who talked me out of spending £89,000 for a thimbleful of La Prairie moisturiser ( face cream of choice for most models of the time ), and put me on to a line of products by a company called Roche Posay, where the average product costs less than £20, go figure!

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Gym Thing

Gym Thing - 1

I am a huge exponent of exercise, but do realise that not everyone is with me there, literally. No matter, as I wouldn’t do it either, if I didn’t like it. I love it in a holistic manner. From the moment I’m in the Gym, my Dr Dre’s cuddling my ears, I’m untouchable, unreachable and slightly unstoppable. It’s my time. I plug into the TV monitor on the Treadmill, and hey presto, I’m watching the news, it’s like making a cake whilst someone reads the Newspaper to you,  ( as as opposed to never having time to do it for myself ), all the while, toning my legs, and my lungs. Win!

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Double Denim


Denim, all things to all people. It’s the time to get out there, in your denim, from any part of your Wardrobe ( One of  my favourite places to shop, mine, that is! ). Don’t feel that you have spend tons of money on your Denim fix. It’s definitely in your house, right now, you may not even need to buy a new supply. Do have an tux jacket, tailored jacket, blazer? Good, now put it on with your scrappiest jeans and wear it now 2015 style.

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Jump-suiting for joy

Evening Jumpsuit - 1

At the risk of harping on, I am still hung up on the wonder of Jumpsuit’s, Boilersuit’s, Dungarees  and All in One’s. Truly, gone are the worries of, what goes with what? does it tuck in? and where can I wear it? Answers are; anything, yes and everywhere.

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First Aid



This product will not be ‘done’ under trade descriptions, as it really does what it says on the tin, or, in this case, tube. It does seem to be replenishing and sort of plumping. I have tried it and so have my teenage daughters, so there you have a nice little spectrum of ages.

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