Azzedine Alaia, Tina Turner and Mrs V.

Azzedine Alaia, body con, sexy dresses, womenswear designer, couturier, moroccan designer, Paris

We have lost a torch bearing designer who’s designs celebrated our shapes in all their forms.  Alaia put the Body into Bodycon     

My hommage to this gorgeous human being comes in a music video. Bizarre choice? Not really. Look at the clothes. Look at me. Look at at Naomi Campbell Azzedine gave us a shape, before nature had settled on one.  The song is sung by Tina turner, a disciple of Azzedine Alaia and someone who spotted a winner when others of her age wouldn’t have. I’m sensing some sceptics out there who may assume that such body skimming clothes are not for them. Non(style)sense! I shout. One thing is to not feel happy with that much disclosure, another thing entirely is to disbelieve that these creations are for you. Actually being a slender model with barely a curve, north or south, Mrs V wasn’t the straight up, sure fire candidate to rock these divinities either. Wrong! Lordy and lands sake, put on a skirt and have your bottom told where to be and the rest was obvious for any passerby. That man totally understood what needed to go where and how to get it there. Not a vertebra or a sinew left to its own devices but with better effect than a Deep Vein Thrombosis stocking, these babies should have been handed out as a safety requirement on long haul flights.

A gracious and beautiful human has left his atelier.

Men Behaving Badly…At Buckham Fair

Buckham Fair 2017, family Day Out, things to do in Dorset, Pony and Dog show, Horses, Dogs, Arena, funfair, charity event, Dorset and Somerset Air ambulance


Wafting myself back into your ever loving inboxes with an invitation to the event of the year. I offer you dogs, ponies, food for days, shopping for days, spectacles to make you gasp and stretch your eye, and the two legendary best bad boys in TV comedy history. Read on. I hope that I’ve set in motion this years trending mania, FOMO. Do not miss out. Do be there ringside, tea side, hillside. We have been mentioned in Traveller Magazine as a fab happening on Summer’s agenda. I’m telling you it’s a very cool place to see and be seen at. This year we’re holding our event in aid of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Buckham Fair Committee 2017, committee, charity event, team members ,, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing

We have been working on this years Buckham Fair, since last year’s Buckham Fair, so no wonder it’s truly tremendous and that my blog posts are erratic…and my house is a little untidy…and I forget to call you back…and there’s nothing in the fridge (rare, I’ll give you that). So much scope for so many excuses. Here’s the thing, our committee could organise the The United Nations and our names are less silly. We’re the best that money can’t buy.

Buckham Fair, Buckham Fair Map, event map, Buckham Fair 2017, hand drawn map

We have it all going on and a little site map may give you an indication of the whimsy of our Fair and the traditional curtsey we offer to bygone events. You could not want for more. You will have views that will make your heart happy and your eyes a little squinty because the sun will be reflecting off the sea at West Bay and Lyme Regis while you sit as long as you please on our grassy knolls and on our  slightly scratchy straw bales, true dat! ( I don’t want to be had up for ‘trade descriptions’ ) Wear festival gear because it’s a party, a celebration and a festival of food, shopping, cream teas, dogs, ponies and people. Need more ? I’ve got more. What would you say to a Pre loved Clothing marquee that flings more designers at you than The Octavia Foundation, but throws in a side of celeb nonsense too? We have for the first time, since the last, very long time ago time, reunited the Men Behaving Badly  bromance that is Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey. Ask a dog owners permission to borrow one if you don’t have your own, and get yourselves entered into the ‘The Dog That Most Looks Like Neil Morrissey’ … in any of his incarnations. Neil and Martin will be getting judgemental.

Men Behaving Badly,, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, TV Stars, actors, Martin Clunes, Neil Morrissey, sitcom, BBC1

Look they’re just checking out the Pre Loved merch…

PJ's, Pyjamas, Ladies Pyjamas, tartan, Tartan pyjamas, nightwear, women pyjamas

Seeing that sub zero Summer centigrades are all around me,  I’ll be making a bit of a bolt for a pair of Tartan Jammies kindly donated by Bonsoir of London,

I shall be stylishly rocking fluorescent tabard fashion, and if you can get past that look on me, I’d love to meet any of you there on the day.


Mrs V and Edeline Lee

Adeline Lee plastic Doll, Edeline Lee A/W 2016

Completing my dispatches from the seated side of the catwalk, I give you Edeline Lee and the  presentation of her A/W 2016 collection, rather than a show, which was a first for me. The format of a presentation is a good one for, because it allows a time to really see the clothes, static and moving, up close and on the horizon. Apropos of what’s important to me, it highlighted the fact that my iPhone 5 is not all that in the camera dept. Or am I a fool with a lens?

Adeline Lee coat and dress

What Edeline Lee does, even though it’s presented in a very edgy way, is design incredibly pretty and wearable clothes. Taken piece by piece this collection could accompany you anywhere. Obviously I’m first in the queue for the green lurex ensembles. They will transport me from party to party next festive season. Before that madness, I’m going very navy and ecru. I’ve featured the wool t shirt with wide legged trousers. Or, the v necked dress with appliqué flowers, which, because I have nothing to particularly flaunt in a v neck way, I’d pussy bow myself silly with one of the trillion skinny scarves available, in order to circumnavigate the dearth in my decolletage.  Deconstructed navy and ecru coats, they’re the answer to loads of Winter, can I be warm and stylish, questions. Who can’t wear any or some of that look? See below.

Adeline Lee Green Lurex all in one, evening wear
Adeline Lee A/W 2016, flowery dress

My comment would be that this collection, could have stood out even more with the addition of a couple of older models thrown in the mix. It would transcend the divide and open up Miss Lee’s customer base. Where’s the harm in that?

They have my email…

Baubles, Bangles, Bright Shiny Beads

glass beads, beads, coloured beads, indian beads, pony beads,, Vanessa Voegele-downing
glass beads, coloured beads, themodeledit

You can totally enhance, illustrate and sexy up an outfit purely by upping your accessory game. Thanks to Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and every top fashion house that followed their lead, costume jewellery is abundant on the high street and is yours for a steal! Jeans and T Shirt instantly transform from uniform to individuality because of the way you’ve chosen to accessorise your look. Any of your looks. I root around everywhere and have great bits and bobs from Forever 21, Mango, Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, and every possible second hand and vintage shop, here there and literally passport grabbing, everywhere. Eyes on the glittery prize. Well chosen accessories can give you style credit without spending loads of cash.

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Mrs V’s S/S 2016 Ready To Wear Style Round Up.

denim, Marc Jacobs, embroidered denim, trouser suit, denim jacket, Jeans, American Fashion Designer
Marques Ameida, frayed denim, off the shoulder, Jeans, flared Jeans, denim, Portuguese designers
Marc Jacobs, denim, Jeans, primary colours, red, white, blueAmerican fashion designer

I want none of you to throw stones at me because I’ve presented you with what you may mistake for the impossible unattainable and unwearable, unless you’re a model on a catwalk, blah, blah. That’s you not concentrating. There is much to be partaking of out there this season, and themodeledit will be your tour guide for this trip! What I do want from you is applause because I’ve sat down, sifted and selected some of the overriding Ready to Wear trends for Spring Summer 2016. My pleasure. Have a look and choose how deep undercover you’d like to immerse yourselves in the diaphanous depths of this season’s style waves.

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