Men Behaving Badly…At Buckham Fair

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Wafting myself back into your ever loving inboxes with an invitation to the event of the year. I offer you dogs, ponies, food for days, shopping for days, spectacles to make you gasp and stretch your eye, and the two legendary best bad boys in TV comedy history. Read on. I hope that I’ve set in motion this years trending mania, FOMO. Do not miss out. Do be there ringside, tea side, hillside. We have been mentioned in Traveller Magazine as a fab happening on Summer’s agenda. I’m telling you it’s a very cool place to see and be seen at. This year we’re holding our event in aid of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

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We have been working on this years Buckham Fair, since last year’s Buckham Fair, so no wonder it’s truly tremendous and that my blog posts are erratic…and my house is a little untidy…and I forget to call you back…and there’s nothing in the fridge (rare, I’ll give you that). So much scope for so many excuses. Here’s the thing, our committee could organise the The United Nations and our names are less silly. We’re the best that money can’t buy.

Buckham Fair, Buckham Fair Map, event map, Buckham Fair 2017, hand drawn map

We have it all going on and a little site map may give you an indication of the whimsy of our Fair and the traditional curtsey we offer to bygone events. You could not want for more. You will have views that will make your heart happy and your eyes a little squinty because the sun will be reflecting off the sea at West Bay and Lyme Regis while you sit as long as you please on our grassy knolls and on our  slightly scratchy straw bales, true dat! ( I don’t want to be had up for ‘trade descriptions’ ) Wear festival gear because it’s a party, a celebration and a festival of food, shopping, cream teas, dogs, ponies and people. Need more ? I’ve got more. What would you say to a Pre loved Clothing marquee that flings more designers at you than The Octavia Foundation, but throws in a side of celeb nonsense too? We have for the first time, since the last, very long time ago time, reunited the Men Behaving Badly  bromance that is Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey. Ask a dog owners permission to borrow one if you don’t have your own, and get yourselves entered into the ‘The Dog That Most Looks Like Neil Morrissey’ … in any of his incarnations. Neil and Martin will be getting judgemental.

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Look they’re just checking out the Pre Loved merch…

PJ's, Pyjamas, Ladies Pyjamas, tartan, Tartan pyjamas, nightwear, women pyjamas

Seeing that sub zero Summer centigrades are all around me,  I’ll be making a bit of a bolt for a pair of Tartan Jammies kindly donated by Bonsoir of London,

I shall be stylishly rocking fluorescent tabard fashion, and if you can get past that look on me, I’d love to meet any of you there on the day.


Fun Adds Up

Buckham Fair

Left to right, back to front (lol)

Mrs V, Philippa Clunes, Martin Clunes, Rosemary Young,

Caroline Godwin, Bhavani Hogarty, Caroline Nicholson

Little update on this year’s Buckham Fair.

We have raised, with your support,


This will all go to Dorset charity, The Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

Thank you everyone and please come again next year…and bring a friend.

Fun Raiser

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After navigating my way through the school exam season and the parties that thereafter negate all that stress, I shoved myself metaphorically in to a pair of jodhpurs, rolled my sleeves up and along with fellow Buckham Fair committee member Philippa Clunes, cooked breakfast for 50 Pony Club supplicants for one whole week at a start time of 6.30. Saintly. Rolling along nicely we barely had a pause and are now diverting our attention and extremely wholehearted devotion to this years Buckham Fair.


Buckham Fair committee, Buckham Fair, Martin and Philippa Clunes

This is the best committee ever. We all bring our own particular area of expertise to the cause and I perpetually wonder what my area is… I hope that the others don’t share that same musing. Every year ( and there have been 7 of them), we choose a local charity to support, and every year we are shocked, surprised, blown away but eternally grateful for the insane amount of support we get for our event. Our chosen charity this is year is the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust We have over 10, 000 people that rock up and join in the with the loveliness on the day, most of whom part with enough money to allow us to hand over a cheque to whichever charity for approximately £65-70,000. Please take a look at Buckham Fair, and decide to support us this year. We promise an incredibly delicious food court that is locally produced, incredible entertainment in our main arena, ranging from Martin Clunes showing his Clydesdales ( to be seen to be believed ). A musical ride = horsey dancing, The Gatwick Border Force Display = Dogs finding things that you’d rather not!( not us obviously), and gorgeous, make you cry, make you happy, uplift you, make you want one, ‘Best Rescue’ yes the tale of the dog that was rescued and re-homed for whichever reason. Inspirational. Very Fancy Dress in the horse dept. Themes and dreams parading round the arena with young and old horses and humans. Very funky stalls selling things that you actually want, not just ‘stuff’ . Bring your dogs or ponies and enter our mad classes or get all serious and brave our Kennel Club judges and Martin’s inscrutable eye for ‘the best in class’

Buckham Fair

           SUNDAY 21st AUGUST 2016

And!! ta da!! We have Buckham Fair Vintage/Charity Clothes Marquee. In my barn I am harbouring the west Dorset clothes mountain of designer labels, and have received mighty fine donations of samples from a very top London PR company. It IS who you know, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We have Armani, Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Cabbages and Roses, Topshop, Banana Republic, Abercrombie, Desigual, Adrianna Papell (red carpet dresses from USA ‘I’d like to thank the academy’ stuff) et al. The Model Edit is offering a ‘Style Counsel’ for anyone that braves the wilds of Dorset and comes to my lovely, lovely Buckham Fair. Drop me an email and I’ll be thrilled to meet you and style you up.

Buckham Fair, vintage clothes , second hand designer clothes, nearly new clothes
Buckham Fair Pony and Dog Show, vintage clothes, nearly new, second hand clothes, second hand designer clothes
Buckham Fair, vintage clothes, nearly new designer clothes, labels for less, charity clothes shop, Buckham Fair

Come on, clothes, food, style, and mega celebs. How nice is that? Truly, I give you a heads up for a magnificent family day out ‘a la’ how it should be.

Vintage Adidas, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, style Blogger
Don’t let me down.

Buckham Fair Pony and Dog Show.

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Buckham Fair is very close to my heart and I’ve been a member of the committee from it’s inception. We are 3 days away from our 7th Annual Fair, and over these 7 years, we have raised £250,000 for local charities.This year’s event will take place this Sunday 23rd of August. We open our gates (five barred ones) at 9 am. I expect you all to be standing there. With deference to my ethos which runs somewhere along the lines of, if you’re doing something anyway choose an outfit that sets you off well whilst you’re doing it and given that Buckham Fair incorporates Ponies, I’d just like to give you all the heads up that it’s not just horses that are being judged in the ‘Best Turned Out’ class…

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