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Seep Plus Pillow Spray, This Works, herbal remedy sleep aid, pillow spray, homeopathic
Mio Liquid Yoga Stress Free Space Spray, herbal sleep aid, herbal remedy, sleep aid, pillow spray

The Model Edit has patchy sleeping habits. There, it’s out there. Whilst you think that I’m upstairs in your guest bedroom sleeping like a babe, I’m in fact not. After going all out, all night long, supper, dancing, cinema, girls night, balls, birthdays, book club etc, upon re-entry to the bedroom, I have to shake down the night’s residue adrenalin before sleep throws the duvet over me. Fairly excruciating when all around are soporific at the sight of a well puffed pillow. That’s all changing readers! I have done my very non-altruistic research and have pleased myself with these two solutions and with huge largesse I share;

A. This Works sleep plus pillow spray. Splurge this onto any bedlinen that swaddles, supports or  skims you and dream on. Natural night time movement releases the fragrance while you sleep. Alongside other sleep inducing, relaxation promoting ingredients it has a predominantly Lavender scent. Lavender is a plant associated with nights of bliss and joy sleeping-wise. Anyway, naturally encapsulated it gradually releases aromatherapeutic benefits as you prettily slumber. Mrs V really likes the smell of this potion and would say that overall it does hit the target ( my head), most of the time. Although occasionally I find myself sort of waiting and thinking ‘is it now, am I drifting off yet?’ You’ve heard the expression ‘a watched pot…?’

B. Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Space Spray.The premise from the gurus at Mio is that this elixir is perfect for pulse points, pillow, yoga mat, car or office ( wait a mo, do I want to  be that relaxed at the wheel?) and can help promote natural deep sleep and ease tension that causes headaches. How nice is that? It has a zingy perfume, more citrus and zesty  than the This Works offering. The manifesto for this product is that it can be a rapid mood changer that helps calm, quieten, de-stress and rebalance. This resonates with me because sometimes it is just ones mood that has to change. You are no longer at a rave, business meeting or spiky discussion with a daughter ( just me?). You want to relax, shake off the day and sometimes that doesn’t happen to order. In the loosest sense of the phrase, this is a mind altering alternative to just laying there fretting about how soon the alarm is going off. I found that this did work very well for me, and possibly slightly better than the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. Not sure why, it may just be a matter that the cocktail of  ingredients resonates slightly better with my psyche. I wouldn’t diss the alternative, as it may be a fit with yours.

Try them out and report back. I’d love to know your experience.

What’s the worst that can happen ? You have gloriously scented bedlinen and you’re awake enough to luxuriate in that knowledge.


All The Equipment

“It’s the way that I like to dress. You know, when you just throw on a silk shirt and feel good in it. It’s kind of that tomboy but sexy dressing I feel comfortable in for the day.”

Kate Moss, Kate Moss Equipment Collaboration, silk shirt, ivory silk shirt, pyjama style silk shirt, evening silk shirt, MrsV, www,themodeledit.com, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Kate Moss, Kate Moss Equipment collaboration, silk shirt, black silk shirt with sleeve slits

So says Kate ‘ get shirty’ Moss who today has, released her new collaboration with Equipment the luxury shirt brand that occupies a nice little niche in a marketplace that caters to us, the modern woman.This very sexy, chic but approachable collection comprises silk tie-neck blouses, blazers, cropped sweaters and her personal style signature leopard print. There’s also the five-pocket pant, wide leg trouser and military jacket and teaser tributes to David Bowie. There’s no denying that if the funds are available the fun is attainable. Leave 90% of the shirt buttons undone, yes let’s, and wear a bralet, tank top,camisole or a lacy body if we’re feeling prudish… (I’m not).

Kate Moss, Kate Moss Equipment collaboration. shirts, women's shirts, Kate Moss designs, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, Mrs V, www.themodeledit.com
Kate Moss, Equipment, Kate Moss designs, women's shirts, leopard print shirt, long tie, silk shirt

Honestly really good wardrobe essence here. The shirts in particular are statement pieces which can transport you from your house to The Chiltern Firehouse without missing a fashion beat. Either way, spoil yourself and rock on a la Kate.

Kate Moss Equipment Collaboration,


The Model Edit is proceeding to the  checkout . Meet you there?

M&S Style and Go

peep toe black shoes, M&S shoes, black evening high heeled shoes, opaque tights, MrsV, www.themodeledit.com, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, big leather tote bag, flowery midi dress
M&S A/W 2016/17, long wool overcoat, women's wool overcoat, midi boho dress, floral middi dress, leather shoulder bag, women's leather handbag, deconstructed large leather handbag, opaque tights, peep toed shoes, tweed coat, women's tweed winter coat

I’m in love with the M&S design studio who have truly, tremendously styled their A/W 2016/17 collection. The clothes are fabulously presented, lip smackingly approachable and owe much of their purchase appeal to the bang-on-trend way in which they’re presented. Consider the above suggestion of wool coat, floral boho midi dress and peep toe high heeled shoes that normally wouldn’t be seen anywhere without a cocktail. A mix of opposing fabrics, time slots and tones.Thanks are due to ‘outside the box’ thinking by the M&S style Sherpas.  All of us here at The Model Edit (presently me and Blog Dog Hippolyta Beryl ) love this anachronistic style shove. Not just that, but how about the brown tones featured on the seriously usefully sized  brown leather bag mingled with the colour black appearing elsewhere on the outfit ? Dating back to biblical times, is  black with navy or black with brown a fashion faux pas? It is allowed, always has been and is now positively encouraged. Go there.

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