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Tugcan Dokmen SS18

Mrs V is highlighting a hundreds and thousands snapshot of what was shown at London Fashion Week in September 2017, and why you should invest in some part of these little style kicks. Fashion is a many splendored thing and just because I’m not featuring it all here doesn’t mean you won’t see me wearing, but for now the style suggestions set before you are already nestling nicely in my wardrobe. I ain’t asking you to do anything that I wouldn’t do.You can go straight in and buy the look in its entirety, or you could do the same as me which is scrutinise, select and style. What I’m seeing here is me modelling lol! but more importantly, femininity incorporating flounce and transparence. Invest. Not a flash in the pan look. Next season you’ll  wear these dresses and their coat friends over your jeans.

Irene SJ Yu, press show, womenswear, LFW SS18, style, trends

Irene SJ YU SS18

Look at this confection of cute as anything clothes. Step inside this look. If you haven’t got a boob tube or a non scary/new to you and your style, corset. Go get one, it will have the open sesame effect on lots of your tops and some of your jackets. Very little investment, very big effect. I’ve been wearing this look for a while and couldn’t love it more and am always accumulating more tops to truss me up in.

Irene SJ Yu,

Irene SJ YU SS18

You need to see these collections at their purest, how the designers show them, before you can decant. Find an essence and make it your own. We have the juxtaposition of funkaploosa prints and grown up fabric. A peep show of flesh and anarchic animal prints, individually riotous but together fashion fierce. Use these style stepping stones. Sometimes you’ll get your feet wet, but where you want to be is the other side of the river, the view is different. Don’t stagnate your style.

Fyodor Golan, womenswear designer, fashion, trendy, style, athleisure, sweatpants, jogging pants, tracksuit

Fyodor Golan SS18

Here ’tis, my best friend since the the invention of the Tutu. Its Athleisure o’ clock. Bet I don’t have to say more. But I must, because if you haven’t dabbled just a little with this, I’m sad. You can find any price point for this look and you will travel far and wide in it. Tailored jacket, espadrilles, or Manolos. Get on with it!

Edeline Lee, Womenswear, Hijab athleisure

 Edeline Lee SS18

Athleisure is very adaptable and approachable.

Clio Peppiatt, LFW SS18, bordello style, saloon girl fashion

Clio Peppiatt, Saloon girl style, frills, lace, satin, colourful clothes, feminine clothes

Clio Peppiatt SS18

Saloon style and all the fun of the Bordello. The Last Supper for naughty girls. So much to love here. Undiluted prettiness but with a risky ruffle and colours that would be happy making for Christian Lacroix. Higher accolades are just not out there. I’m loving the disco fabrics and Soul Train designs. What about a tailored jacket with those Purple Rain trousers? There you go, you’re in.

Retail Details

Ashish, Embroidery, Ashish embroidered sweatshirt, logo sweatshirt

Mrs V gives this ‘coming to a store near you’ ‘devil’s in the detail’ heads up for SS 2017 It’s as well to know what’s coming your way. Forewarned is forearmed don’t ya know. Lots and lots of detailed and embellished style is your template for any projected purchases. The ascending Ashish brand is the flag bearer for beaded and bejewelled gorgeousness. Example ; the sweatshirt featured above, wear it with jeans or a long flowing skirt and sling a conflicting pair of shoes on and you rule. It’s that easy. Now look at all the other fancy schmancy bits and bobs that can hang off or cling on, to anything that you can wear…

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Press Showstoppers.


Dolce and Gabbana, Press Show, fish print transparent dress, SS17
Alice Archer, British Designer, Navy Blue Evening Dress with Pink-White-Coral embroidery, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, www.themodeledit.com, @themodeledit, London Fashion Week, LFW SS17, Press Show
Dolce and Gabbana SS17, Press Show, fish print pencil skirt, off the shoulder blouse

Left to right; D&G Alice Archer  D&G

Mrs V observed London Fashion Week (ringside) and via assiduous research has tabulated the rest of the best Spring Summer 2017 Collections. The thematic  coordination of  style by designers who probably wouldn’t recognise each other stretching simultaneously for the last  Crayfish/Rocket ( super trendy sea/fish themes this season, clever old Pret! ) sandwich on the shelf, yet share pretty much the same vision for our raiments each season always makes me stop and wonder how? As always The Model Edit’s focus is on what you can access, what you can buy to look pretty, sexy, successful or just comfortable in, and what you may already have lingering in your wardrobes that can underpin the looks streamlining the catwalk and the pages of Vogue. In a Manolo shoebox, here is my recipe for supreme summer loveliness via a pic’n mix of fashion houses. Firstly it was glaringly obvious that the Sea and it’s fruits are a massive theme.  Dolce and Gabbana  somehow make us look sexy in Sea Bass, whereas Alice Archer’s exquisitely executed capsule collection froths with it’s embroidered fronds, foam and coral embellishments, as though Daisy Buchanan swam to Gatsby’s parties and emerged as haute couture sea goddess. Get in the swim. This delicate theme leads to me to the next standout trend…

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London Fashion Week Groupie


J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, models, catwalk, high heels, trousers, audience, photographers, paparazzi
J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, catwalk, audience, fashion editors, paparazzi, models, clothes

Once I had surmounted the overwhelming feeling that ‘it should have been me’ as soon as the spotlight chose it’s victim, I totally assumed my role as Mrs V, style blogger. I was searching for anything that would congratulate and inhabit the woman whose wardrobe, isn’t  necessarily the target audience for this, that and the other designers showing at London Fashion Week. J.JS Lee sent out looks that I could disseminate and imprint on a variety of my target audience. I like the strident reds and blacks. I liked the dress over trousers suggestion, although the ‘trousers’ did turn out to be leg warmers. Donna Karan’s wrap dress 15 years ago, was the last time I really considered doing that, but it’s my favourite , a multi tasker; sexy and practical. You can seriously stress your Louboutins seeking that combo out. I also loved the big blousey tweed coats and dresses. There are many wearability miles in this collection, but standout next to the water-cooler looks too. If this is a label that you hadn’t previously considered and you’re looking for fabulousness in your work world, please investigate this beautiful, totally current collection.  Shout it out checks with big coats concealing body contouring tweed dresses. Nice juxtaposition. Plenty to inspire and more than plenty to covet. Nicely done and thank you for the permission J.JS Lee.

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