London Fashion Week Groupie


J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, models, catwalk, high heels, trousers, audience, photographers, paparazzi
J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, catwalk, audience, fashion editors, paparazzi, models, clothes

Once I had surmounted the overwhelming feeling that ‘it should have been me’ as soon as the spotlight chose it’s victim, I totally assumed my role as Mrs V, style blogger. I was searching for anything that would congratulate and inhabit the woman whose wardrobe, isn’t  necessarily the target audience for this, that and the other designers showing at London Fashion Week. J.JS Lee sent out looks that I could disseminate and imprint on a variety of my target audience. I like the strident reds and blacks. I liked the dress over trousers suggestion, although the ‘trousers’ did turn out to be leg warmers. Donna Karan’s wrap dress 15 years ago, was the last time I really considered doing that, but it’s my favourite , a multi tasker; sexy and practical. You can seriously stress your Louboutins seeking that combo out. I also loved the big blousey tweed coats and dresses. There are many wearability miles in this collection, but standout next to the water-cooler looks too. If this is a label that you hadn’t previously considered and you’re looking for fabulousness in your work world, please investigate this beautiful, totally current collection.  Shout it out checks with big coats concealing body contouring tweed dresses. Nice juxtaposition. Plenty to inspire and more than plenty to covet. Nicely done and thank you for the permission J.JS Lee.

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Mrs V and London Fashion Week.

Johnnie Boden, Emerging British Talent party, Union Club, Tuxedo Jacket, redheads, Boden, Boden Catalogue, staircase, private members club
London Fashion Week, Brewer Street Car Park Show Space, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, fashion, Prada Bag, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Adidas sweatpants

London Fashion Week inspired me to go everywhere, see everything, talk to everyone and wear everything residing in my wardrobe that simply doesn’t love the mud of Dorset. I must say a huge thank you to all my fashion mogul friends that have helped me on my mission, to infiltrate, illuminate and pontificate about fashion for people that are not teenagers but shouldn’t be sartorially sidelined just because of that. Lovely Modus Publicity are ever supportive and tolerant of my desire to be included and treated like a fully grown up blogger. Johnnie Boden, fellow swamp dweller down here in Dorset, didn’t bat an eyelid when I asked for help. My invitation arrived the next day. Huge love to him and his fully female dynasty.

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Siren Call, Carine Roitfeld



Ok, gather round,this is the first, last and only call to arms (bottoms, bodies and legs too), to incite you to action, urging you to procure a piece of Carine Roitfeld, so to speak. Mme Roitfeld is essentially a very sassy  French fashion  expert/export. Her pedigree is superb a former editor of French Vogue, author and ever increasingly a style inspiration. She is looking back at us all from the dark side of sixty. She’s the beacon of light that’s going to steer us through the rocky times and have us all arrive at the party a little bit more fabulous and therefore a lot more confident. Carine Roitfeld styles herself in sharp sexy lines, with body highlighting shirts and sweaters, all of which provide unequivocal answers to ‘what shall I wear?’ and thanks to Uniqlo, pieces of La Roitfeld’s style vision are up for grabs at utterly un French fashion, prices. says yes please!

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Truly Haute Couture

Dolce and Gabbana, Ata Moda, opera, Turandot, Puccini, Madame Butterfly, embroidery, evening gowns, women's fashion, luxury,flowers, tiaras,

It’s the Haute Couture/Alta Moda season, and because it was part of my modelling body clock, I can’t help but be interested. Many brands have clambered on to the Haute Couture catwalk, but only a few should really be there. Please refer to the link, as I could get boring on the subject. Anyway Dolce and Gabbana seem to have created a confection of a collection that encapsulates Haute Couture, although perversely because as they are Italian and show in Milan, it is called Alta Moda.  ‘Singularity is the thing about haute couture. Dolce and Gabbana said that only one of each outfit will be made’ As it should be because rightly or wrongly the cost of these outfits will be the downpayment on a house for most people. I feel that with a bit of research, which I’ve happily done for you, we can all reach into the sweetie bag of this collection, and decide which part of the treat we will adorn ourselves with. We will undoubtedly see fragments from the essence of this collection in all the familiar places.

Dolce and Gabbana, Alta Moda, luxury fabrics, embroidery, tiaras, womens fashion, evening gowns dresses

This collection is exquisite and I really wanted to draw your attention to it. I will choose my elements within its suggestions and integrate them into my look. The extravagant costume jewellery, the victorian high necked transparence, the nod to corsetry and I love the severity of the hair made sumptuous in tandem with the smokey eyes and red lips. All things that I am drawn to, what do you see?

If we want to be included, the language of Dolce and Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection will be translated and made accessible by the moguls on the high street. This means that we can talk the talk whilst walking the walk.