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Dolce and Gabbana, Press Show, fish print transparent dress, SS17
Alice Archer, British Designer, Navy Blue Evening Dress with Pink-White-Coral embroidery, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,, @themodeledit, London Fashion Week, LFW SS17, Press Show
Dolce and Gabbana SS17, Press Show, fish print pencil skirt, off the shoulder blouse

Left to right; D&G Alice Archer  D&G

Mrs V observed London Fashion Week (ringside) and via assiduous research has tabulated the rest of the best Spring Summer 2017 Collections. The thematic  coordination of  style by designers who probably wouldn’t recognise each other stretching simultaneously for the last  Crayfish/Rocket ( super trendy sea/fish themes this season, clever old Pret! ) sandwich on the shelf, yet share pretty much the same vision for our raiments each season always makes me stop and wonder how? As always The Model Edit’s focus is on what you can access, what you can buy to look pretty, sexy, successful or just comfortable in, and what you may already have lingering in your wardrobes that can underpin the looks streamlining the catwalk and the pages of Vogue. In a Manolo shoebox, here is my recipe for supreme summer loveliness via a pic’n mix of fashion houses. Firstly it was glaringly obvious that the Sea and it’s fruits are a massive theme.  Dolce and Gabbana  somehow make us look sexy in Sea Bass, whereas Alice Archer’s exquisitely executed capsule collection froths with it’s embroidered fronds, foam and coral embellishments, as though Daisy Buchanan swam to Gatsby’s parties and emerged as haute couture sea goddess. Get in the swim. This delicate theme leads to me to the next standout trend…

Burberry AW2017, transparent dress,
J JS Lee SS2017, LFW, London Fashion Week, transparent dress, organza, tulle dress
Prada SS2017, pinafore dress, feather trim, clutch bag, transparent clothing

Left to right; Burberry  J JS Lee  Prada

If Oompa Loompa  can be admitted to the Oxford English dictionary, then I’d like to submit ‘diaphonasia’  which would describe the whisper of fabric causing a gauzy film over many of the SS17 clothes. J JS Lee demonstrated this concept concisely with statement dresses in block colours enveloped in tangible transparent echoes. Throughout the shows reams of  diaphanous fabrics, concealed and softened erstwhile harsher lines or louder prints. This is fantastic for us as we surely do have mimsy flimsy items that can be worn in conjunction with other more strident basics. A complete ‘diaphonasia’  of tulle and organza which underpinned many of the outfits was set before my very eyes. Finally my best friend and yours…

Marques Almeida SS17, Marques Almeida, jeans, Catwalk, Press Show, Modelling, Flared Jeans, designer jeans, London Fashion Week, LFW
Dolce and Gabbana SS17, D&G, jeans, embroidered jacket, graphic t, catwalk, Press Show, Mrs V, @themodeledit, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,
Fyodor Golan SS17, Fyodor Golan, LFW, London Fashion Week, Jeans, denim, designer jeans

Left to right; Marques Almeida D&G Fyodor Golan

Denim dances down the catwalk and right into your wardrobe again, where may I assume, it finds lots of other dancing partners. Everyone invited to the party. Fyodor Golan’s denim boots took it to the next level. Marques Almeida residually use denim as a fashion fabric. Not just the homage designer jeans. Marques Almeida have liberated denim. It’s on girlfriends, you can do no wrong in the Denim-sphere. Double it, diamante it or bedeck it. Do it all, wear it with everything. It can be a supporting item or the outfit’s raison d’être. I did a commercial for Martini once and their strap line comes to mind for my denim manifesto;

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere

Next time here at on The Model Edit soapbox, we have  Spring Summer 2017 Suits.

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