The Goddess of Make Up

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NYX; A  figure of such exceptional power and beauty that she is feared by Zeus himself.

I’ll have me some of that.

Beauty savvy, surprisingly money conscious teenage daughters are my spy satellites. We have a symbiotic relationship. The Esmeralda Violet child seeks and finds make up newbies whilst Zenobia Crimson non too altruistically devotes herself to pursuing edgy new designers also stalking trendy vintage and charity clothing caverns. I pull my weight (and lots of times my rank) by housing, feeding and sustaining an entirely not very shabby wardrobe lending library for their chaotic pleasure. Lately I have been prancing about for your benefit in  NYX a range of cosmetics previously released just for the perusal of make up professionals… and Esmeralda Violet.  NYX Cosmetics started small in 1999 by founder Toni Ko. The brand was initially only available to professionals through trade shows. “We really grew by word of mouth,” said Joyce Kim, NYX’s global director of product development. This word of mouth strategy was also the mega successful ethos of body con pioneer Azzedine Alaia who gifted, loaned and discounted his clothes to the modelling sorority. We knew a good thing when it squished us, and were not afraid to talk about it, which is totally what bloggers do, via the internet. The rest of this good marketing procedure is history. It’s clear to Mrs V that sliding in the shocker of a fairly ‘off piste’ bright, yet sort of gentle purple violet eyeliner and matching mascara should not represent the sum total of my make up spend for the following 6 months. Price is not an issue here as quite cleverly NYX has positioned themselves smack bang on the middle shelf, totally within our reach. Quality is also not an issue.  I give you non slippy, non smudgey eyeliner and mascara that clings to my lashes not my wrinkles. How nice is that? The shades shown above are those which excite me. There are many more in this eyeliner mascara dynamic that are less shouty. But, if shouty and pouty is what you’d like, they’ve got you covered here too. Velvety matte or glossy glistening. Brilliantly they have a lipstick colour spectrum of nudes and naturals labelled Lip Lingerie. Sort yourselves out girls.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, lipstick, NYX Cosmetics, NYX Beauty, beauty, make up.
NYX cosmetics, NYX lipsticks, lipsticks, cosmetics, beauty
NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner, NYX Cosmetics, NYX Make Up, eyeliner, cosmetics, beauty products, beauty

 All you need is the spirit of adventure. I’ve been going places ever since daughter #1 pointed out this liberating little brand.

Beauty and My Beasts.

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Left to right; Illamasqua Growl, Illamasqua Sangers, Topshop Infrared, Illamasqua Liv, Illamasqua Posture, Mac Stone, Mac Brave, Mac Pink Plaid

Lipsticks, hands, fingers, Mac, Illamasqua, Topshop, cosmetics, beauty, Make-up

Fingertips are a more similar skin tone to your lips than any other exposed dermal surface, better the the back of your hand. Which is why I’ve daubed my digits with the appropriate (left to right ) lipsticks in order to give you a realistic idea of their actual hue. Genius idea and I’m so happy with my blog helpfulness and all would be well in my blogosphere if I hadn’t pitched in and helped clean out the Chickens first. It occurs to moi that my hands look like badly made-up Chipolatas. These featured lipsticks are mine and in daily use. They are on little outings all the time e.g. the gym makes me stretch into my make up bag for Mac’s Pink Plaid or Brave. God knows how others cope with the multifaceted mirror environment at the gym. I do a risky lipstick reboot and Mac lipsticks can slide on all sneaky and silky, but stay put through a sweaty work out. London means Illamasqua Growl or Posture (huge favourite) depending on who, where, and what. Got to tell you how much I love the matte but not dry formula, that this brand has perfected.  Topshop’s Infrared is so much fun to wear it counteracts any matchy  matchy thoughts that you may have had. this Rio carnival of a lip colour doesn’t want to match anything which is so powerful. It’s a signal that you’re self confident enough to just put it out there. It should have been called Defiance. I don’t expect you all to wear it but some of you may have an occasion. Mrs V has a beauty secret.

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Nudity and Subterfuge

Illamasqua, Illamasqua lipstick, Rosepout lipstick, Illamasqua Rosepout lipstick, Glamore by Illamasqua, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,


I have flagged up on my manifesto that I’m a Style Spy. Never has this been put more to the test. In the name of research for fantastically exciting or pretty useful beauty products, I prowl make up stores, eavesdrop on my daughters conversations, trawl the net and leave no page unturned. Character traits that helped me find my husband. JOKES!!! Anyway it all makes me sound an attractive personality doesn’t it? But wait, with y’all in mind my finds are interrogated, tried out or on, and then promises are made. Otherwise you aren’t reading about them on Above you will see my latest crush, a nude shade of lipstick known as Rosepout from Illamasqua. The formula is lovely; so creamy and pigmented, easy to apply on the go and not drying, just satiny. I was introduced to this make up brand super siren by daughter #1.  I have subsequently underwritten their profits. Rosepout is a lipstick shade that gets you noticed for not wearing make up. Rosepout itself isn’t a show off, instead it shows you off, subtly.


Illamasqua, Illamasqua lipstick, Rosepout by Illamasqua, Rosepout lipstick, Glamore lipstick collection by Illamasqua

This is where I get tricky, because as a task for myself and ultimately for your benefit, I tried to find a lipstick hue that was cheaper than Rosepout, but just as lovely. I have done easier things… Who knew about the amount of pinky, beige-y,naked-y (why aren’t they words when pinky is?) stripes on my hand, crumpled make up wipes and Oyster card usages I’d rip through.

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Happy Christmas Me, Part 2.

I am so lucky and thankful to have so many wonderful things, most of them not tangible, so my Christmas list reflects little chinks in my wardrobe and on my dressing table.

Anyway, it’s good to have goals…


I’m as happy to mix designer and high street with jewellery as I am with clothes, which is good as I have much more fun like that and a far, far less restricted budget, although I do love real the jewellery classics, pearls, diamonds and platinum, but gilding the lily with fake fripperies is fun too. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent and his inspirational accessories muse, Loulou de la Falaise, I’ve had the best masterclass in mix and match fake jewellery trickery ever. I have found fabulousness in the aisles of Mango, TOPSHOP, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters this season. Go on, root around, pile it on and don’t wear the same stuff two days running. You can wear it wrapped all around your wrists, dangling from your ears and in many coils around your neck. Put it all on with your t shirt and jeans, your fake fur, your leather or pleather anything, and utterly everything else that you own. I love masses of things jangling around my wrists, and I always wear a man’s watch. Makes my wrists look skinny!

I have featured 3 pieces that I’d like to own and wear on the same day, together, anywhere with anything. Huge silver wedding band ( no law against masquerading fraudulently in it), from Tiffany and Co. Diamonds by the Yard pendant necklace, also from Tiffany and Co. And lastly I crave these asymmetric sparkly earrings, as worn by pointy toed Darcy Bussell on Strictly Come Dancing, earning a 10 out of 10 from me and a thank you to Zara

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Intro Kiko

make up, Kiko make up shop, blue lipgloss, lipgloss


This is a little tiny blog to give directions for you to beat a path to a very trendy ( yes, make up does whizz in and out of trends), make up outlet that I have been enjoying privately, on your behalves. It absolutely does what it says on it’s packaging. My daughters and I, seem to be hosting it’s Flagship store in Dorset, given the amount of  Kiko products lounging around our bathrooms. The make up and skincare brand Kiko  emanates from Milan and is quite a regular on the high street in Paris, and now it’s time for us to light up our lips and enhance our cheekbones with their  very funky colours and beautifully researched creams, without needing a passport. The Flagship Store is at 20 paces from Topshop, just around the corner, on Regent street. 

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Pony Tails

pony tails - 1 (1) Swing time, Vogue UK, July.

July Vogue has promoted pony tails and the wearing thereof, so do I. When I was little and my mother tortuously brushed my hair with a very un-bendy hairbrush and restrained it with an elastic band ( no nicely covered stretchy bands way back then ), it became a tearful process, both doing the style and then undoing it.  I associated Pony Tail’s with pain and ugliness, which in retrospect wasn’t surprising as red puffy eyes are rarely pretty. Now, it’s all change here with my Tangle Teeser and my forgiving hair bands. It’s a style that depending on the height and position, on your head,  can suit any age and face shape. You’ll see in some other posts that I do tend to scrape my hair back in a pony tail with varying styling success, you be the judges. Also, the nape of the neck, under used body part, so set that as featured image for a while, We like!

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Whole in One

Daytime Dungarees - 1 (2)

Jumpsuits, Boiler suits and Dungarees. Some  of my favourite things, and strongly featured in my wardrobe. A whole outfit in one. Nothing to stress over, the top and the bottom match! There are day ones and evening ones, but my preference are the ones that go anywhere at anytime. How great is that?

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