The Other School Uniform.

Faux Fur jacket, M+S , M+S faux fur bed jacket, short deconstructed jacket
Woollen dressing gown, M+S house robe, M+S lingerie, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Wool dressing gown, M+S, M+S nightwear, lingerie

Dear All,

Weighing in on the ‘nighties on the school run’ debate. I am absolutely fessing up to doing that. Ok it’s true, I haven’t been seen at the actual school gates in my slippers smothering my 3 princesses with kisses ( yes, kissing them at school gates, a very popular move), but there’s a fine line between Uggs boots and my Celtic house boots, equally discerning the difference between actual sweatpants and the bedroom guise of  ‘lounge pants’.I am grateful to the new great and gorgeous M+S, A/W 2016 collection, with its deconstructed casual, pretty and practical house robes because although not available in store until September, it will be hovering around well in time for Christmas lists, which is when we can all order our new school gates uniform. The subversive little items shown above are my ardent suggestions for your new politically correct school run garb. They won’t give your morning ritual away, they will permit you 10 mins longer in bed, and they will cover you up and keep you warm.

BUT, consider this;

Celine S/S 2016, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Celine S/S 2016, white satin/silk, black lace, wide legged trousers, camisole top

Celine S/S 2016

Is Miss Head of School, not letting me wear outfits that are currently completely on trend and not just available from Coco de Mer, or Agent Provocateur ? No Miss, you shouldn’t because similar are attainable on the high street and some are residing in my too trendy ( according to one  headteacher’s style edicts ), wardrobe, and if I wore them on a rather hot summers day, maybe Sports Day with a little cardi in case there’s a cool breeze,  would I have stones hurled at me for looking inappropriate? Truly people, most teachers can teach me huge amounts about Methods in Mathematics  but perhaps less about the how to rock a tracksuit that is going nowhere near the locker room. The Model Edit is not judging and would like that courtesy extended.

Mrs V is off to Waitrose now in my tracksuits which may or may not have been on a sleepover with me last night…


Mrs V’s S/S 2016 Ready To Wear Style Round Up.

denim, Marc Jacobs, embroidered denim, trouser suit, denim jacket, Jeans, American Fashion Designer
Marques Ameida, frayed denim, off the shoulder, Jeans, flared Jeans, denim, Portuguese designers
Marc Jacobs, denim, Jeans, primary colours, red, white, blueAmerican fashion designer

I want none of you to throw stones at me because I’ve presented you with what you may mistake for the impossible unattainable and unwearable, unless you’re a model on a catwalk, blah, blah. That’s you not concentrating. There is much to be partaking of out there this season, and themodeledit will be your tour guide for this trip! What I do want from you is applause because I’ve sat down, sifted and selected some of the overriding Ready to Wear trends for Spring Summer 2016. My pleasure. Have a look and choose how deep undercover you’d like to immerse yourselves in the diaphanous depths of this season’s style waves.

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Happy Christmas To Me, Part 1.


Here is my Christmas Stocking, part 1.

The reason that I’ve chosen the 2 Alexander McQueen outfits apart from the fact that they’re so pretty, is that they are so versatile. Every day in my imaginary life, where no mud, chickens, dogs, ponies etc are involved, I’m wearing the trouser suit as 2 separate pieces as well as the prescribed version. Ok, I may wear it with more than a chain necklace and attitude, but if you’ll invite me, I shall arrive wearing it, and if more occasions merited it and in most of my ideal world existed, you’d see me wearing the like and its mates v frequently. On my feet will be a rota of shoes, high, flat open, closed. The jacket will wrap around my skinny jeans and the trousers will show of my James Perse or Brandy Melville T’s a treat. I’ll work on my abs, as I’m not one to hide in the corner.

The skirt/ jacket combo is genius. Frills? I’m a fan, tight, floaty, in dress form or as a skirt, all do-able. Military nods, salutes and parades, I’m there. You can definitely rummage around with this look. What’s not to wear with a military jacket, beautifully cut?. It’s my absolute favourite 2 for 1! Summer dresses, jeans, palazzo pyjama pants, all waiting to make friends with a good jacket. Sexy and androgynous. Quite a pleaser in my book.

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Sleepover Style

pyjama, shirt, striped shirt, long sleeved shirt
Celine S/S 2016, nighty, underwear, black lace, white silk satin, white chelsea boots
pyjamas, striped shirt, pale blue stripes

 Yesterday I went to see what Toast is offering us for S/S 2016, at their Press Day.   I am here to state that true to Fashion’s mythical ‘ we speak as one ‘ inexplicable, coincidences in trends which occurs every season. I have spotted a most liberating movement going on. Which is the ‘what me? I was wearing this last night’ ( literally ), look. It is nightwear masquerading as perfectly acceptable attire no pillows attached. Whichever segment of your 24 hour cycle you’re rolling home from, or out to, day or night. Pyjamas and Nighties, that’s what you’re allowed to wear. Celine says so, and so do M&S and Toast. They are writing you a note to hand in at reception, which states that these are real clothes and to be permitted access all areas. Yes, I’m going to do it and so must you. Both of the above shirts are fabulous to plonk over boyfriend jeans or a skinny version. Do you know which one is the actual Pyjama?

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Top Coat

Zara, Grey Wool Coat, winter coat

As I mentioned in my last post, my route march around London during Half Term has left me with ideas and opinions for outfits, the components of which may well be already dangling around in your Wardrobe, e.g., jeans if you’re not a dungaree wearer, silky blouses, ankle boots and possibly even the omnipresent Grey Duster/ Trench Coat or my particular favourite, a Nursery to Nobu, Classic Navy Blue Coat both of whom are making cameo appearances in just about every fashion outlet and Catwalk this season. Did they ever really leave? Which is why I’m betting that some of you will be foraging in your closet’s for  a reunion with clobber that you already own. There are many permutations and prices to consider. I was impressed with a few takes on this item, in particular, simply because they are pretty classical examples and won’t wrestle the rest of your outfit for superiority. The first one is to be found in Zara and is featured in the above shot. It’s a very gorgeous Granite Grey and is very sophisticated if you will, but equally happy to be edgy if coordinated with more subversive items of clothing, if you won’t.

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