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Tales from a make up chair. Top industry professionals, uber creatives millimetres from my face, focused, unsuspecting, and essentially with no place to run. That is precisely when I start my interrogations. A personal consultation with a trained professional. In my element.

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Nearly ready for my close up.

I recently worked on a Music Video (Artist to be announced as soon as NDA permits )and managed to purloin straight from the lips of Make Up Artist Liberty Callaway @liberty_c , the skin-ny on a couple of things that you need to know. Firstly a word that Liberty should patent, is ‘Juicy’ Juicy skin is what we’re after here. Yes, isn’t it though!? Basic law of cosmetics, Don’t plaster over cracks. That’s right, to capitalise on all the hype and potential around any top Base or Foundation, you need to create a receptive epidermis for anything that you apply on it, Skin condition is key. All we can do is maximise the potential of our birthday suit. We wear it everywhere, everyday, hidden or highlighted. Often we are Marshmallows, bit dry and wrinkly on the outside, flexible and moist on the inside. We need to be more Haribo about ourselves, gently, satiny on the outside, juicy and flexible on the inside.

To get you picked from the mix, Liberty and I shout Skin Food from Weleda at you. It’s putting the message out there from the get go, and has been recommended to me by two MUA’s in the last two months. This is non spenny, unctuous and oily and you can hear your skin go ‘slurp’ as you apply. I prefer to use it at night and not necessarily every night, as its very rich. However it is absolutely bloody loved by MUA’s and base does sit well on it in a breathy moist manner. Young and lovely skin, we are coming for you.

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Skin says ‘Yum’

I can’t wade through lots of stuff, ever, and that goes for information overload on beauty products, so just to complete this double act, I give you one suggestion for a juicy base, which can now be attainable for you because of what you save on the the above, delicious nutritious, moisturiser ( I’ll let you do the big reveal for yourselves on that cost just click the link). You are running free to invest in the bank of Chantecaille and their Future Skin Foundation . Oil-free and rich in botanicals such as aloe, chamomile, rosemary and green tea, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation works with your skin face by soothing any irritation, boosting immunity and preventing water evaporation, and imperfections diminish with the help the of light-reflecting particles contained in the formula.

Job’s quite a good’un.

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Balmy About This

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  • : an oily substance that has a pleasant smell and that is used for healing, smoothing, or protecting the skin

  • : something that gives comfort or support (that could include big girl knickers, Spanx and your best girlfriends though)

My ‘press send’ this week is, that second pot of this most delicious ( yet to find Muesli with ingredients that makes me salivate as much as those listed on this tub of delight ), skincare Balm. Highgrove Baby Organic Balm is part of an  unique range created by Daniel Galvin Jr, in collaboration with Alexandra Soveral. Daniel Galvin Jr has pioneered and developed organic products for hair and beauty over the last decade and Alexandra Soveral renowned and highly respected aromatherapist and facialist, was Daniel’s first choice in helping develop this special range. The relationship Daniel has with Highgrove came through the development of the Duchy personal care range, for over a decade and the various visits to Highgrove as an Ambassador to The Prince’s Trust, and so it has continued. Alexandra Soveral is a facialist with more than average scientific, physiological and homeopathic understanding – she also spent two years studying anatomy, physiology remedial massage and the chemistry of essential oils.

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My Skin Cares

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Last drips of information gleaned from my recent flurry of Press Days, is this little snapshot of what the M&S beauty department shelves are going to be laden with, come the spring.

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Not a Very PC Mother.

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Here I am, trotting about with Baby #3 at Pony Club Camp. It definitely takes all sorts, and a Horse. When we first moved down from London (my screams still resonate on the A303), Horses were definitely not on my shopping list. Couple of hours later we’d bought one…

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Strobe Highlighting

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On my quest for epidermal exquisiteness, I pester everyone that may afford me an insight. No one and certainly no make up artist is off limits. Anyway, on my shoot last week and for all our sakes really, I pursued my objective. Insider knowledge, and having been nicely placated with great advice, I have extracted this week’s must have, turn your life around, gem. I give you Mac’s Strobe Cream. You can mix a little with your moisturiser and you will look radiant, glowy ( new model edit word, but you know what I mean ),and fresh faced.  Or if you’re wearing foundation, mix in  a little splodge and this will subtly highlight your face from within your make up. It’s an uplifting, treat of a product.

Surprisingly Cheap, Beautifully Cheerful

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Supposedly perusing the internet for something completely different like light bulbs or something, my subconscious vanity  hijacked me and suddenly I was quite happily sifting through anti wrinkle creams, truly . Don’t query the route I took to find these products from OZ Naturals, just read on.

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Deep Cream

Lipikar - 1

As you have possibly noticed, I am a redhead, and with being a redhead, comes tricky skin. It can be dry, sensitive and easily sunburnt. I have had so many make up brands used on my skin, and dealt with the fallout from some of them. When I was living in Paris and working frenetically, I didn’t really have time for problems of the epidermal type, so I became a patient of an amazing Dermatologist, who talked me out of spending £89,000 for a thimbleful of La Prairie moisturiser ( face cream of choice for most models of the time ), and put me on to a line of products by a company called Roche Posay, where the average product costs less than £20, go figure!

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