My Skin Cares

Filerina, skin care, moisturiser, M&S, beauty products
Rodial, skin care, moisturiser,M&S, beauty products
Pixi beauty products, moisturiser, skin care, teen beauty products, teen skin care

Last drips of information gleaned from my recent flurry of Press Days, is this little snapshot of what the M&S beauty department shelves are going to be laden with, come the spring.

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Sleepover Style

pyjama, shirt, striped shirt, long sleeved shirt
Celine S/S 2016, nighty, underwear, black lace, white silk satin, white chelsea boots
pyjamas, striped shirt, pale blue stripes

 Yesterday I went to see what Toast is offering us for S/S 2016, at their Press Day.   I am here to state that true to Fashion’s mythical ‘ we speak as one ‘ inexplicable, coincidences in trends which occurs every season. I have spotted a most liberating movement going on. Which is the ‘what me? I was wearing this last night’ ( literally ), look. It is nightwear masquerading as perfectly acceptable attire no pillows attached. Whichever segment of your 24 hour cycle you’re rolling home from, or out to, day or night. Pyjamas and Nighties, that’s what you’re allowed to wear. Celine says so, and so do M&S and Toast. They are writing you a note to hand in at reception, which states that these are real clothes and to be permitted access all areas. Yes, I’m going to do it and so must you. Both of the above shirts are fabulous to plonk over boyfriend jeans or a skinny version. Do you know which one is the actual Pyjama?

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Recycled Models

Mick Lindberg, model, model composite

I have toyed with the idea of giving you insights into former models and what they’re doing now, because I want you to know that there is life after modelling. As I pondered the viability and your curiosity in this subject, Mick Lindberg’s Stitched Stories exhibition invitation slithered through my letterbox. Mind made up. Currently housed at Anthony Hepworth Fine Art Dealers, in Bath, Stitched Stories is Mick’s latest exhibition. Mick was a model whose pictures were stuck to my bedroom walls long before I threw my hat into the modelling ring. She has modelled all around the world with everyone in the industry who was anyone in the industry.

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Jump On It

lurex jumpsuit, Lurex, jumpsuit, evening wear, long coat,

Hot off  the Press Day at M&S, I bring glad tidings of great joy. The Jumpsuit/All in One, is here to stay. M&S are suggesting this outfit for S/S 2016. It’s quite an exciting look in a couple of ways. Firstly it’s sparkly and utilitarian. Win, because we are going anywhere, possibly wearing  our lovely tribute Crombie coat to keep us warm until we do the big reveal, a sleeveless Lurex jumpsuit. On paper, it ain’t sounding great, but just look at this outfit. ‘S lovely! It will take us to Cocktail, Dinner or Birthday parties. Again and simply because it’s sparkly, I suggest that we all be dissidents and take the obvious destination for this look, down a notch by shoving on a Jean Jacket,and some Trainers and parade ourselves in broad daylight. Why wouldn’t you? 

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Press Go

black lace, underwear, corset, lace body, black lacy underwear

Thought I’d grab your attention with this image, because by simply writing M&S, I just couldn’t see it happening…

Last week I was invited to the Press Day for M&S, I’ve done it again, anybody still with me? This is when a brand shows it’s latest, greatest looks destined for your wardrobes for the following season. In this instance Spring /Summer 2016. Having slightly slagged M&S/Per Una off in my Blog Manifesto, as a retail representation of women’s ‘ white noise clothing’ I went to this Press junket with an open mind, but not very high expectations. 

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Roll Up, Roll Up

Kettle well Colours, silky roll neck sweater, Alexa Chung,denim skirt, t shirt, logo t shirt

Good basics that haven’t been tinkered with are hard to find. They are items that don’t take the starring role in the daily theatre of your outfit, but are indispensable because without them, lets face it, you’d be partially naked. They underpin your key pieces without shouting or trying to nab the Follow Spot. Alexa Chung is at the very least, an arbiter of the necessarily succinct wardrobe piece. Therefore when she appeared in this little silky Roll Neck available from Kettlewell Colours, in last week’s Telegraph, I thought two things. 1. On trend Knit that perfectly multitasks by covering both warmth and style. 2.Must check out Kettlewell’s website for more wardrobe staples.  I did, there were, you should!

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The Ham Yard Experience

The Ham Yard Hotel, Soho London, Hotel, luxury hotel, Firmdale Group

When most of you weren’t looking, I went with some friends for a Birthday ( not mine, you’ll know when!) at this gorgeous Hotel, situated on approx 1/2 acre of Soho’s land. Redolent of this district’s steamy, slightly edgy past, the fabulous Firmdale Group have capitalised on this slightly naughty and sumptuous area and gone all modern decadent by creating The Ham Yard. It’s truly a treat at any point in any  24 hour period. All of whatever ‘ it ‘ is, goes on here. Feather filled six feet deep sofas, everywhere. Colourful puffy cushions, Books, Art, Food, and such pleasure flinging Cocktails of both types, alcohol and people  to assail the part of your brain that assimilates, fabulousness. This excitingly modern Hotel is a  fabulous silky mix of chic and glamour. It’s not exclusive but you’ll need to switch your sensory receptors to go, as you won’t want to miss a thing here.

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Top Coat

Zara, Grey Wool Coat, winter coat

As I mentioned in my last post, my route march around London during Half Term has left me with ideas and opinions for outfits, the components of which may well be already dangling around in your Wardrobe, e.g., jeans if you’re not a dungaree wearer, silky blouses, ankle boots and possibly even the omnipresent Grey Duster/ Trench Coat or my particular favourite, a Nursery to Nobu, Classic Navy Blue Coat both of whom are making cameo appearances in just about every fashion outlet and Catwalk this season. Did they ever really leave? Which is why I’m betting that some of you will be foraging in your closet’s for  a reunion with clobber that you already own. There are many permutations and prices to consider. I was impressed with a few takes on this item, in particular, simply because they are pretty classical examples and won’t wrestle the rest of your outfit for superiority. The first one is to be found in Zara and is featured in the above shot. It’s a very gorgeous Granite Grey and is very sophisticated if you will, but equally happy to be edgy if coordinated with more subversive items of clothing, if you won’t.

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Winding It Up

dungarees, skinny scarf, pussy bow, Prada glasses, Rolex Yachtmaster Mans Watch, long sleeved white T Shirt, bracelets.

As I scrutinised the high and mighty Streets of London last week, I came to some fashion conclusions. I am not going to trammel them all out at once as, guess what? there are many. The first item that gets me up on my Winter trend soapbox, is the Skinny Scarf, which is as usual a multi use purchase, whilst having singular price tag at the checkout. Hooray for me and my, unbeknownst to everyone ( especially to my parent’s and Mr V), penchant for fashion frugality. Thats not to say I won’t pile over the dosh for an style investment when push comes Glove etc, etc. But I do know a prime requisite when I see one, enter the must have fashion accessory of the moment, the Skinny Scarf.  I’m wearing one from  Zara. 

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