Beauty Keepers Part 2.

Uniqlo earring box, Uniqlo, Uniqlo plastic container, storage box, earring box, earring container, earrings

Took a week of Sundays to actually write the second instalment  of themodeledit Beauty Keepers, and as ’tis the Lords day when I’m compiling this, please forgive. The little acrylic  box, ideally  situated on an extremely pretty french antique dressing table (which is all I’ve ever wanted, hint, lol) in order to completely showcase my amazing Earring archive, most of which cost 2p but affords me massive flamboyance for that self same reason. Two of the best things ever are my second ear piercings. The massive thrill of plugging these piercings every day with fripperies , pretty, edgy, dangly, studs, subversive, conformist, valuable, costume, trends and tasteless. Look’ee here, they all fit into this transparent container sold by Muji. The actual insets are optional and cost a tiny bit more, but let us love that this option is available. The transparence is so useful of a Monday morning when I’m fiddling about trying to sort out my look  for the 2 minute school run. Vain? No! Styleblogger yes! Cannot tell you more stringently that there is joy to be found here with this little acrylic box. Totally envisaging my life becoming more organised…

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Beauty Keepers (part one).

Urban Decay, Urban Decay make up and skincare, eye make up primer
Topshop, Topshop make up, Topshop Glow, highlighter
Pommade Divine, skincare, skin balm, lipbalm

Thought I’d do a quick drive thru of the beauty products that I’ve mentioned on at some point during the past year, and have kept their seat in the constituency known as my make up bag.

Clockwise; Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion -Anti Ageing  Has always delivered in my world of laughter lines, wrinkles and general lack of respect for any eye shadow I might be wearing. This little primer stands its ground and ignores distractions that might otherwise allow my eye make up to slide down my face, creating an American Horror Story the Coven series, ( demented but addictive) allure. Urban Decay states that you will experience; ‘all-day, crease-free shadow, more vibrant color and smoother application’.I did and do.

Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam  This is a cream highlighter. Blend cream onto highlights of face to accentuate and boost your erstwhile hidden radiance. Yep, that is what I’ve secretly been doing. I pat this little preparation onto any bone structure that I can find that day, and out I go all cheekbones and brow bones. Don’t be all disbelieving. You definitely can use this,  for sure you have some stuff that could stand a daub.

Pommade Divine  This stoic and unique formula has combined the natural restorative and nourishing properties of four magic healing essential oils. These essential oils are; Benzoin- with its antibacterial properties. Cloves- with its antiseptic and insect repellant properties, Cinnamon-with its anticoagulant and anti fungal properties, Nutmeg-can help reduce appearance of scars and acne. Honestly, doesn’t that cover a whole load of unattractive eventualities occurring on your body and in your home? Truly when I graze myself or have pre chapped lips, its far more fun to say ‘pass the pomade’ than ‘got any ointment?’ Truly a blend of base essential oils blended to make a balm worthy of an alchemist. Other balms/pommades are imposters. This is the original and because of its spectrum of talents, every home should have a pot.

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Nudity and Subterfuge

Illamasqua, Illamasqua lipstick, Rosepout lipstick, Illamasqua Rosepout lipstick, Glamore by Illamasqua, Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,


I have flagged up on my manifesto that I’m a Style Spy. Never has this been put more to the test. In the name of research for fantastically exciting or pretty useful beauty products, I prowl make up stores, eavesdrop on my daughters conversations, trawl the net and leave no page unturned. Character traits that helped me find my husband. JOKES!!! Anyway it all makes me sound an attractive personality doesn’t it? But wait, with y’all in mind my finds are interrogated, tried out or on, and then promises are made. Otherwise you aren’t reading about them on Above you will see my latest crush, a nude shade of lipstick known as Rosepout from Illamasqua. The formula is lovely; so creamy and pigmented, easy to apply on the go and not drying, just satiny. I was introduced to this make up brand super siren by daughter #1.  I have subsequently underwritten their profits. Rosepout is a lipstick shade that gets you noticed for not wearing make up. Rosepout itself isn’t a show off, instead it shows you off, subtly.


Illamasqua, Illamasqua lipstick, Rosepout by Illamasqua, Rosepout lipstick, Glamore lipstick collection by Illamasqua

This is where I get tricky, because as a task for myself and ultimately for your benefit, I tried to find a lipstick hue that was cheaper than Rosepout, but just as lovely. I have done easier things… Who knew about the amount of pinky, beige-y,naked-y (why aren’t they words when pinky is?) stripes on my hand, crumpled make up wipes and Oyster card usages I’d rip through.

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Happy Christmas Me, Part 2.

I am so lucky and thankful to have so many wonderful things, most of them not tangible, so my Christmas list reflects little chinks in my wardrobe and on my dressing table.

Anyway, it’s good to have goals…


I’m as happy to mix designer and high street with jewellery as I am with clothes, which is good as I have much more fun like that and a far, far less restricted budget, although I do love real the jewellery classics, pearls, diamonds and platinum, but gilding the lily with fake fripperies is fun too. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent and his inspirational accessories muse, Loulou de la Falaise, I’ve had the best masterclass in mix and match fake jewellery trickery ever. I have found fabulousness in the aisles of Mango, TOPSHOP, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters this season. Go on, root around, pile it on and don’t wear the same stuff two days running. You can wear it wrapped all around your wrists, dangling from your ears and in many coils around your neck. Put it all on with your t shirt and jeans, your fake fur, your leather or pleather anything, and utterly everything else that you own. I love masses of things jangling around my wrists, and I always wear a man’s watch. Makes my wrists look skinny!

I have featured 3 pieces that I’d like to own and wear on the same day, together, anywhere with anything. Huge silver wedding band ( no law against masquerading fraudulently in it), from Tiffany and Co. Diamonds by the Yard pendant necklace, also from Tiffany and Co. And lastly I crave these asymmetric sparkly earrings, as worn by pointy toed Darcy Bussell on Strictly Come Dancing, earning a 10 out of 10 from me and a thank you to Zara

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My Skin Cares

Filerina, skin care, moisturiser, M&S, beauty products
Rodial, skin care, moisturiser,M&S, beauty products
Pixi beauty products, moisturiser, skin care, teen beauty products, teen skin care

Last drips of information gleaned from my recent flurry of Press Days, is this little snapshot of what the M&S beauty department shelves are going to be laden with, come the spring.

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Intro Kiko

make up, Kiko make up shop, blue lipgloss, lipgloss


This is a little tiny blog to give directions for you to beat a path to a very trendy ( yes, make up does whizz in and out of trends), make up outlet that I have been enjoying privately, on your behalves. It absolutely does what it says on it’s packaging. My daughters and I, seem to be hosting it’s Flagship store in Dorset, given the amount of  Kiko products lounging around our bathrooms. The make up and skincare brand Kiko  emanates from Milan and is quite a regular on the high street in Paris, and now it’s time for us to light up our lips and enhance our cheekbones with their  very funky colours and beautifully researched creams, without needing a passport. The Flagship Store is at 20 paces from Topshop, just around the corner, on Regent street. 

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Get the Blues

Chanel-Marc Jacobs close up - 1 (1)

What I get up to when no one’s looking. I get all experimental and  when I was recently in Paris, I took all three daughters to worship at the shrine found at 31 Rue Cambon. The Chanel flagship store. Whilst babies #1,2 and 3 were dillying around breathing in the sights and smells  (money and perfume), of this inner of innermost fashion sanctums, I was in the cosmetics corner feeling mighty fine. I had found an Chanel’s Cils Scintillant Jazzy Blue Sparkling Top Coat Mascara.                             Credit cards to manual…

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Utterly Fluttery

Prada glasses, mascara

Here is the mascara that I have chosen to wear over Chanel’s Beaute Des Cils Nourishing base, previously mentioned. Although during my modelling career I have had my eyelashes slathered with designer mascara’s I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an area we are right to be circumspect about. Honestly I truly believe that with mascara you can circumnavigate the luxury label and go high street saving you money for far more exciting merch. 

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My Eyes Now Have It

Chanel, Beaute des Cils, nourishing mascara base, earrings, double ear piercing

I know that some of you clued up beauty clever clogs are already  practising what I’m about to preach, but I have had my Eyelash Care epiphany and I’m quite evangelical about it. Having gone straight to the top with my research, friends, daughters and myself. It appears that Chanel’s Beaute De Cils has been nourishing the initiated’s eyelashes since 2011, and as no one told me and as I was too busy with the school run to even put on socks most mornings during that period, my eyelashes and the care thereof featured on no one’s horizons. But now that I have entered my in your, and on my, face period, I am sorting out my top ‘new to me’ ( and possibly to you too) products in both style and beauty hemispheres.

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An Holistic Friendship

Vincent LaRouche, Creative Director at LAFCO

Lafco, friend, Vincent Larouche, luxury, holistic, design,candles, client

Vincent is someone that I met in Paris more than 25 years ago. I was modelling and he was designing Haute Couture Gowns. Our friendship has endured through mutual admiration .Vincent deserves my undying admiration, I just cross my fingers and hope that he never notices the chinks in my armour that my 3 naughty girls have made. We share a fussy, fascination with aesthetics and a frank and honest visceral sense of humour that neither of us are afraid to vocalise. Truly, I would follow Vincent to the ends of the earth if he said there was a particularly interesting shop there or designer sale…

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