An Holistic Friendship

Vincent LaRouche, Creative Director at LAFCO

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Vincent is someone that I met in Paris more than 25 years ago. I was modelling and he was designing Haute Couture Gowns. Our friendship has endured through mutual admiration .Vincent deserves my undying admiration, I just cross my fingers and hope that he never notices the chinks in my armour that my 3 naughty girls have made. We share a fussy, fascination with aesthetics and a frank and honest visceral sense of humour that neither of us are afraid to vocalise. Truly, I would follow Vincent to the ends of the earth if he said there was a particularly interesting shop there or designer sale…soap, hand cream,candle

 Vincent’s philosophy, which he has implemented throughout his creative leadership at LAFCO, is as follows;

Good Design is creating something that is appropriate for the need, incorporating beauty of course.

Details are important because most people notice them subconsciously. Our brain looks at something and recognises it as good design because of the sum total of it’s details. Vincent is an utter stickler for that part of the equation.

He believes that Luxury is a word that has been used and abused through relentless and thoughtless marketing, and prefers to think of Luxury as “the state of great comfort and good living”. Quality is key to that.

Personal style is so important and is often compromised by passing trends and fads. Vincent’s own personal style is fairly classic, bordering on sartorial always with a ‘je ne sais quoi’ element that just goes! However, when creating something for others he can so easily put that aside, doesn’t bully and sees the bigger picture. I’ve experienced that at first hand.

I have recommended Lafco products, as they are in the capable, trustworthy hands of a genius, who would not offer us less than he would accept for himself.

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