Utterly Fluttery

Prada glasses, mascara

Here is the mascara that I have chosen to wear over Chanel’s Beaute Des Cils Nourishing base, previously mentioned. Although during my modelling career I have had my eyelashes slathered with designer mascara’s I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an area we are right to be circumspect about. Honestly I truly believe that with mascara you can circumnavigate the luxury label and go high street saving you money for far more exciting merch. mascara,eyelashes,black sweater,velvet hairband,red curly hair, fresh faced

I think that there are so many good mascara’s available on your high street that if you shop around and read the reviews ( or watch this space for my wise words!) you can find a very good mascara around the £10 mark that can quite easily equal or out perform a designer mascara that comes in around the £25 mark. Especially if you’ve taken care of your eyelashes by using a nourishing base, which is what I’ve done with my dedication to Chanel’s little gem, and that’s where I’ve spent my money. The mascara that I’m currently using is L’Oreal’s False Lash Flutter . It’s working perfectly well and I’m enjoying it’s brush design, density of colour and tiny little bit of iridescence .It works for me and I hope that it will for you too. I’m a bit sorry about the shifty sideways glance that I’m giving you, but at the time it did seem the best angle to impress you with my eyelash loveliness . I have only applied one light coat of mascara over my Chanel nourishing base, and it seemed enough but lashings more would work too!



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