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I know that some of you clued up beauty clever clogs are already  practising what I’m about to preach, but I have had my Eyelash Care epiphany and I’m quite evangelical about it. Having gone straight to the top with my research, friends, daughters and myself. It appears that Chanel’s Beaute De Cils has been nourishing the initiated’s eyelashes since 2011, and as no one told me and as I was too busy with the school run to even put on socks most mornings during that period, my eyelashes and the care thereof featured on no one’s horizons. But now that I have entered my in your, and on my, face period, I am sorting out my top ‘new to me’ ( and possibly to you too) products in both style and beauty hemispheres.mascara, skincare, freckles, hairband, curly hair, wavy hair, redhead, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,makeup free, fresh faced, beauty

To stop waffling, I’m just letting you all know that Chanel have invented this lovely little potion in a wand that you flick over your eyelashes pre mascara by day, and post pyjamas by night. Chanel have infused this nourishing and conditioning mascara base with Meadowfoam oil bonded with silicone which culminates for you, in a base that repairs, strengthens and smoothes your eyelashes.Also providing a base whereby your mascara stays on your lashes and not lazing around in any nearby skin fold (not that any of you have any of those ).  It works and is worth the money in my newly found opinion and if you scrutinise the above shot of me, you will see one very small layer of mascara that I’ve applied on top of Beaute De Cils. Doesn’t look caked on and did behave all day long by staying where it was put. In my next beauty post where I’ll tell you which mascara I’ve used.

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  • Susan Mercier
    January 17, 2016

    Well, this post caught my eye (excuse the pun) especially, as I have been rather cursed with short stubbly eye lashes of no consequence. Trusting Mrs V’s judgement as I do most definitely and armed with a birthday gift voucher for John Lewis, I purchased this item with high hopes. Lo and behold, my eyelashes were noticed for the first time by my daughter, who remarked that she thought they looked far more prominent than ever before and suddenly the mascara did make a difference when applied. I can now bat my eye lashes alluringly for the first time! How fabulous.
    Thank-you Mrs V xx

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