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Zara, Grey Wool Coat, winter coat

As I mentioned in my last post, my route march around London during Half Term has left me with ideas and opinions for outfits, the components of which may well be already dangling around in your Wardrobe, e.g., jeans if you’re not a dungaree wearer, silky blouses, ankle boots and possibly even the omnipresent Grey Duster/ Trench Coat or my particular favourite, a Nursery to Nobu, Classic Navy Blue Coat both of whom are making cameo appearances in just about every fashion outlet and Catwalk this season. Did they ever really leave? Which is why I’m betting that some of you will be foraging in your closet’s for  a reunion with clobber that you already own. There are many permutations and prices to consider. I was impressed with a few takes on this item, in particular, simply because they are pretty classical examples and won’t wrestle the rest of your outfit for superiority. The first one is to be found in Zara and is featured in the above shot. It’s a very gorgeous Granite Grey and is very sophisticated if you will, but equally happy to be edgy if coordinated with more subversive items of clothing, if you won’t.Grey Wool Winter Coat, long coat, dungarees, ankle boots, TOPSHOP, woollen hat

The second Coat comes from TOPSHOP,and I’ve featured it exactly as it’s been styled in the Oxford Street store. You can abstract what you prefer from this suggested look, but you can see how a seemingly classic grey coat can swing both ways.

Celine, Navy coat, ankle boots, chignon, petticoat dress, lace trim

Like subliminal advertising, I have to slip this Celine S/S 2016 outfit in, because it shows how any classic coat can transition time and season zones. I know it’s like going out in your nightie, but so what?It’s a bit of silk and some lace, the components of many of my evening clothes. Add a sensible coat and that’s both my mother and I satisfied, sensible and sexy!

Double Breasted women's coat, navy blue, Zara, skinny scarf, herring bone tweed, trousers

Apropos of my previous post concerning Skinny Scarves, and dovetailing in pretty well with this current post, I want you to look at this popping little outfit from Zara, and see how fabulously it all coagulates, the cosy stylish on trend coat, silky shirt and the pack leader of this season’s accessories, the Skinny Scarf.

There is no telling me that this is age specific, it’s out there on the High Street right now, when it really should be in your wardrobe, cosseting you through the increasingly chilly days.

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