The Ham Yard Experience

The Ham Yard Hotel, Soho London, Hotel, luxury hotel, Firmdale Group

When most of you weren’t looking, I went with some friends for a Birthday ( not mine, you’ll know when!) at this gorgeous Hotel, situated on approx 1/2 acre of Soho’s land. Redolent of this district’s steamy, slightly edgy past, the fabulous Firmdale Group have capitalised on this slightly naughty and sumptuous area and gone all modern decadent by creating The Ham Yard. It’s truly a treat at any point in any  24 hour period. All of whatever ‘ it ‘ is, goes on here. Feather filled six feet deep sofas, everywhere. Colourful puffy cushions, Books, Art, Food, and such pleasure flinging Cocktails of both types, alcohol and people  to assail the part of your brain that assimilates, fabulousness. This excitingly modern Hotel is a  fabulous silky mix of chic and glamour. It’s not exclusive but you’ll need to switch your sensory receptors to go, as you won’t want to miss a thing here.

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