Roll Up, Roll Up

Kettle well Colours, silky roll neck sweater, Alexa Chung,denim skirt, t shirt, logo t shirt

Good basics that haven’t been tinkered with are hard to find. They are items that don’t take the starring role in the daily theatre of your outfit, but are indispensable because without them, lets face it, you’d be partially naked. They underpin your key pieces without shouting or trying to nab the Follow Spot. Alexa Chung is at the very least, an arbiter of the necessarily succinct wardrobe piece. Therefore when she appeared in this little silky Roll Neck available from Kettlewell Colours, in last week’s Telegraph, I thought two things. 1. On trend Knit that perfectly multitasks by covering both warmth and style. 2.Must check out Kettlewell’s website for more wardrobe staples.  I did, there were, you should!Roll Neck sweater, baggy trousers, Oxford Bags,


Here is a pretty good example of the Roll Neck ( silky or otherwise ), consolidating a really attainable style statement. This look is suggested by  Atterley  which btw, is a website that should be always in our peripheral vision for succinct, stylish current clothes.

I love a good basic, and am convinced that it’s not something to be stingy about. You wouldn’t use Lego to underpin your house…

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