Mrs V’s S/S 2016 Ready To Wear Style Round Up.

denim, Marc Jacobs, embroidered denim, trouser suit, denim jacket, Jeans, American Fashion Designer
Marques Ameida, frayed denim, off the shoulder, Jeans, flared Jeans, denim, Portuguese designers
Marc Jacobs, denim, Jeans, primary colours, red, white, blueAmerican fashion designer

I want none of you to throw stones at me because I’ve presented you with what you may mistake for the impossible unattainable and unwearable, unless you’re a model on a catwalk, blah, blah. That’s you not concentrating. There is much to be partaking of out there this season, and themodeledit will be your tour guide for this trip! What I do want from you is applause because I’ve sat down, sifted and selected some of the overriding Ready to Wear trends for Spring Summer 2016. My pleasure. Have a look and choose how deep undercover you’d like to immerse yourselves in the diaphanous depths of this season’s style waves.

Gucci, Italian fashion house, floral dress, striped dress, striped clothing Spring Summer Ready To Wear 2016, women's clothing 2016, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,
Gucci, Italian fashion house, Spring Summer Ready To wear 2016, Women's catwalk style, floral dress, Vanessa voegele-Downing,
Gucci, Spring Summer 2016, Ready To wear S/S 2016 womenswear, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,, skirt, cardigan, pink, organza, pussy bow

Have you got any of the above already in your wardrobe, or any close relations? A Pussy Bow, a Bomber Jacket, a floral dress or a geometrically patterned shirt and whether we admit it or not, a cardi? Well put them on! Not all at once, but nearly. You have so much leeway with all the looks that has selected for you. Expose or enclose. They are ultra feminine suggestions, not prescriptions. I’m going for midi floral and a cashmere cardi, because I like a swirl about me. You may prefer the skirt option, where you can highlight your waist or if you choose the dress, you could flaunt your cleavage ( lucky!!). Shop your wardrobe and then the high street.

Balanciaga, white lace, lace, trousers, Spring Summer ready to Wear Women's catwalk trends,, style blog, catwalk trends,French fashion house
Balenciaga, Spring Summer ready to wear 2016, Women's fashion, white pyjama, lace
Celine, Spring Summer Ready To Wear 2016, ruffles, trousers, silk, catwalk style, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, Mrs V

Here are the bedtime ‘nightie’ variations with a jumpsuit thrown in, because they’re still right in there with the style secrets for this season. Silk, denim, striped or floral jumpsuits and ‘come to bed’ seductions are up for grabs. Please edit, add and jigsaw in what you have already, and what you might fancy spending some money on. Update where necessary to be on it and in it, this season. Don’t we all have a few white clothes? It is a colour ( because Mrs V says so), and it’s entirely on trend this S/S 2016 and Mummy will be pleased as Persil whites are due another whirl around the fashion circuit.

Gucci, silk shirt, red shirt, white trousers, Spring Summer Ready To Wear 2016, Women'wear catwalk trends 2016,
Gucci, Spring Summer Women's ready To Wear 2016, skirt, jacket, white, red, navy blue, handbag, women's shoes, high heeled shoes
Gucci, green jacket, green trousers, trouser suit, Spring Summer Ready To Wear 2016, women's fashion, catwalk photograph , fashion models,

Together or alone. The whole tailored suit shebang, or a nod to tracksuits and the kick of a pussy Bow shirt baring all below it. So many components to get you through the Spring Summer 2016 Ready To Wear style portal. I’ve used Balenciaga, Gucci, Vetements, Marc Jacobs, Marques Almeida, Celine and Prada, and would wear all or something of the featured looks. I love the super sexy transparence of Gucci and Balenciaga, the ripped and frayed subversive Denim from Marques Almeida, but my go to collection would be Prada, with their stripes, transparents, geometric knitwear and most of all bauble earrings in stupendously comforting colours. I’ve had lightbulb moments shining into the shadowy graveyard known as ‘back of the wardrobe’. Distressed denim get on my legs and old flowery midi dress come into the light…!

Sparkly dress, sequinned dress, Vetements French fashion house, womens ready to wear S/S 2016
satin jacket, transparent dress, coloured model, evening wear , Vanessa Voegele-Downing,
Prada, Spring Summer 2016 Ready To Wear Women's collection, themodeledit, stripes , geometric, knitwear

Lastly, for your extremist fashion tendencies, I lay before you, sequins, stripes and ‘see through’ clothing. Also, for all you Rock Chicks, slide on your satin, T Rex tribute jacket. All current Catwalk currency.

Here’s the thing, you have no excuses because it’s all filtering onto the high street very quickly. It’s a shorter walk to your wardrobe and I’ll bet you’ll find your invitation to this season’s fashion fiesta hanging out in there. You’ll be fine, it’s a pick and mix.

  • Miranda Berrow
    January 27, 2016

    Rapturous applause to you. I stand and encore clap ….at your beautiful exciting and thrilling choices
    I want to be those girls, I would love all those patterns and colours
    Katherine Hamnett lives once more, and Viv, and so many other from the oH so 80’s!!!


    • Vanessa
      January 28, 2016

      Thank you for such a fab response. You’re absolutely right about the Hamnett/Westwood references. Nothing new, just the viewpoint. BTW, I can hear the applause!!! Thank you for your comment, keep ’em coming xxx

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