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Lipikar - 1

As you have possibly noticed, I am a redhead, and with being a redhead, comes tricky skin. It can be dry, sensitive and easily sunburnt. I have had so many make up brands used on my skin, and dealt with the fallout from some of them. When I was living in Paris and working frenetically, I didn’t really have time for problems of the epidermal type, so I became a patient of an amazing Dermatologist, who talked me out of spending £89,000 for a thimbleful of La Prairie moisturiser ( face cream of choice for most models of the time ), and put me on to a line of products by a company called Roche Posay, where the average product costs less than £20, go figure!
That was about 25 years ago, and these little moisturising miracles still feature in my bathroom cabinet. Of course along the way other moisturisers have caught my eye, I get very excited by new creams that work, but there’s a special place in my heart for these unassuming little products. One of the best products in this range is  Lipikar body cream. I can’t rave about it’s smell, as it doesn’t really have one, but that’s good because it’s not going to fight your perfume for dominance, but it sure can moisturise! It truly does leave my skin soft and supple, all nicely absorbed. I’m sure my skin shouts ‘ yum ‘ every time I crack open a tube!

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