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Supposedly perusing the internet for something completely different like light bulbs or something, my subconscious vanity  hijacked me and suddenly I was quite happily sifting through anti wrinkle creams, truly . Don’t query the route I took to find these products from OZ Naturals, just read on.

beauty, moisturiser, cleanser, serum, toner


Baby #1 and I,  have been trying out some of their products. They contain Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, which are huge boosts to combatting wrinkles and fine lines. I read up on Hyaluronic Acid (and would suggest that you do the same ), and can happily say that I like what I read about it’s ability to lock in moisture, maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity, which generally would add to a more youthful appearance. Apparently babies are born with very high amounts of Hyaluronic Acid in their skins, and as we age the levels go down.  I have used these OZ Naturals for 2 weeks now. My skin has been well behaved and very happy, which, and I cannot stress loudly enough, being a redhead with fussy skin, is quite a testament to this brand. My dedication to this task has been A*, however, Baby#3 must try harder!

The products in the OZ Natural range, that I have tried are SUPER YOUTH 2.5 Retinol Moisturiser, which my skin lapped up, 5%HYALURONIC Acid Serum , very welcome at bedtime on tired skin, and lastly  OCEAN MINERAL Tonic which acts as a toner and it’s like walking along the beach on a windy day and a spray of surf wafting over your face.

I wasn’t looking for beauty but these products are  very groovy, unassuming and effective. New best friends. For now.


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