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  • : an oily substance that has a pleasant smell and that is used for healing, smoothing, or protecting the skin

  • : something that gives comfort or support (that could include big girl knickers, Spanx and your best girlfriends though)

My ‘press send’ this week is, that second pot of this most delicious ( yet to find Muesli with ingredients that makes me salivate as much as those listed on this tub of delight ), skincare Balm. Highgrove Baby Organic Balm is part of an  unique range created by Daniel Galvin Jr, in collaboration with Alexandra Soveral. Daniel Galvin Jr has pioneered and developed organic products for hair and beauty over the last decade and Alexandra Soveral renowned and highly respected aromatherapist and facialist, was Daniel’s first choice in helping develop this special range. The relationship Daniel has with Highgrove came through the development of the Duchy personal care range, for over a decade and the various visits to Highgrove as an Ambassador to The Prince’s Trust, and so it has continued. Alexandra Soveral is a facialist with more than average scientific, physiological and homeopathic understanding – she also spent two years studying anatomy, physiology remedial massage and the chemistry of essential oils.High grove Organics Baby range, Highrove House, Highgrove Baby, BALM, SKINCARE, BEAUTY, mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing

Dermal defibrillation aside, Mrs V loves anything ‘face saving’. Suzanna Galvin in the spirit of true friendship or as a concerned third party, gave me the heads up on this bounteous balm. It is jam packed with organic ingredients that read like the who’s who of all that is precious and pure in our hedgerows, meadows and herb gardens. There’s no beauty industry ego here. This Organic Balm relies on you reading the side of its packet and for the investigative journalist among us, googling Ms Soveral.  Buy it, massage it in anywhere that you think needs a passionately replete moisturiser, in my case the neck area and reap rewards, compliments and results in just a few weeks.

It says ‘Baby’, well we’ve  all been one of those and all skins considered, wouldn’t we like to achieve that velvety softness again?

  • VanessaB16
    October 18, 2016

    Looks good enough to eat! Yes def want some of that kind of skin 🙂
    V x

    • Vanessa
      October 18, 2016

      Good! I forgot to extoll its amazing smell, sweet and fresh xxx

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