Me and a Tunic

tunic, dress, leggings, stilettos, T shirt, bracelet

This Forever 21 Tunic is a very versatile item. I saw someone trying this on, spotted it looking amazing on her, realised that we couldn’t have been more different physically but took a punt and bought it anyway. So on my first outing wearing it I wasn’t particularly owning my look but by the end of my evening had been so very complimented on it that I couldn’t wait to wear it again. Here’s what happened next…tunic, trainers, slit dress, T shirt, long sleeve
Got me some Nike trainers, some scrappy old skinny jeans from who can remember where? my fantabulous Uniqlo Henley T shirt ( yep, they have lovely long sleeved one’s also) and transformed the same, very comfortable (may I add) item of clothing into a pretty lovely daywear look. Truly that’s what I’m talking about, the go anywhere, anytime, day for night, two for one, hero fashion item!


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