Double Denim


Denim, all things to all people. It’s the time to get out there, in your denim, from any part of your Wardrobe ( One of  my favourite places to shop, mine, that is! ). Don’t feel that you have spend tons of money on your Denim fix. It’s definitely in your house, right now, you may not even need to buy a new supply. Do have an tux jacket, tailored jacket, blazer? Good, now put it on with your scrappiest jeans and wear it now 2015 style.


Denim isn’t a revelation, it’s an institution, and to prove it, this photo is from Mairie Clare 2011! Accessorise for the occasion. Flats, heels, make up, fresh faced. It’s all legal tender with Denim, this season. But, do go for it, there isn’t a person or shape, on this earth that can’t tap into this Style trend.

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