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This product will not be ‘done’ under trade descriptions, as it really does what it says on the tin, or, in this case, tube. It does seem to be replenishing and sort of plumping. I have tried it and so have my teenage daughters, so there you have a nice little spectrum of ages.

Choices for you to make;

1. Which HEALGEL? as there are two categories.  There is, as I’ve shown, an Anti-Ageing  formula,( I’m a definite Anti-Age-ist ), and just normal ( have never really been that, re skin care ).

2. Is it worth to you, price wise? I like to try the whole gamut, from low to high price points. There are surprises along the way, and you just have to see what suits your skin and your purse.

My opinion of this product is that it sits in, and not on, the skin , has ironed out a few blemishes and whilst using it,I felt pleased with my skin’s appearance. I have bought a second tube, will use it more sparingly this time, and probs will not tell daughter’s where it’s stored as they like it too much, and frankly don’t need it half as much as I do

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