Champagne Again

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Forging ahead with my preoccupation with all things LAFCO, because they are assiduously researched and produced, and the ingredients are delicious. I will now tell you how their Champagne Reparative Hand Cream has performed for me. As a blogger that reads blogs, I do tend to enter the ‘white noise ‘area if  I am given too many details on a product. I like the bullet points and a personal recommendation .hand cream, beauty, skin, hypoallergenic, olive oil,jojoba, hands

My very astute, knowledgeable PR Guru of a friend Mrs CC has challenged this hand cream to outperform the cream that she’s loved and used forever, because as with most good things, it’s been discontinued. As I hurdled into bed last night showered and sand free (refer to earlier blog re Cornwall and Wetsuits), I reached for the Champagne…handcream and squirted a dollop on to my very dry surfer hands. It took very little time to rub in, and was absorbed quickly. It smells quite fruity and for me had a tiny hint of candy floss at the very tail end of it’s scent. Lovely! My hands felt they’d had a spa day. They were my hands, but at their very best, before I’d cleaned out the chickens, tacked up a horse, pushed a wheelbarrow and done the washing up. They still feel like that today. Within a minute of it’s application they were usable. Not surprising considering the list of ingredients, some of the highlights being, cottonseed, jojoba, wheat protein and olive oil. This hand cream is hypoallergenic and made without parabens, silicone or dyes.Without pause, hesitation or repetition, I can 100% recommend this hand cream, not only to Mrs CC, but to you too. Personally once I engage with a product, on a blog site, I always refer to that product’s website for all the gen, and I would always recommend that you do the same.Therefore, I urge you to read the definitely pleasing list of delights that compose LAFCO’s fantabulous hand cream.

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