Pommade is Divine

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Whilst smearing on this treat of a potion just now, it suddenly occurred to me that in my first frenzy of excitement when I discovered this one stop pot, I tweeted about it but didn’t blog the word!. So, by my calculations, you are all running around with chapped lips and rough heels, whilst I’m wafting around quite unblemished (now)… Therefore I give you this little Divinity, Pommade Divine. Created in 1800 it contains a blend of aromatic essential oils known to soothe and help the maintain the skin’s softness.When I bumped my head on the edge of my car door, two days before a fashion shoot, leaving a red line and half a boiled egg on my forehead and a Unicorn profile, I truly trialled this product. Bruise came out very quickly, bump subsided, quicker than I anticipated. A coincidence? I don’t think so.It’s a time traveller, that still has relevance today. I have already gifted it to a close friend, who has quickly created a permanent space in her handbag for it. It’s a part of yesterday, today.


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