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Red hair, frizzy hair, afro hair

My red hair is very unruly, very curly, very long and not in very good condition. What a spiffy challenge it is for a hairdresser. The Model Edit likes nothing better than a hairdresser who can stand their ground and intelligently explain why this, that or the short straight bob with a full frontal fringe won’t work on my head however much I really, really would like it to. Why can’t I have my hair like Christina Hendricks? My hairdresser has to have answers to all these questions and informed opinions that will deflect me from inappropriate hairstyle choices. I don’t go down easily.

Christina Hendricks, redhead, the bob hairstyle,
Luckily for me Daniel Galvin Jr is that person. I am now a very happy customer at the Daniel Galvin Jr, 4 West Halkin Street, London SW1. It has been a smooth and enlightening transition both mentally and physically. First consultation I chatted with Daniel and Olyvia, Daniel’s executive colourist. After an exchange of wants and needs (me ) and what could actually be achieved (them) the process of making my barnet look blissed out began. You’ve all been to the hairdressers so I’ll spare you the process of what ensued. Know that Mrs V, emerged all gorgeous glossy and glowy back into the polite society of London’s Knightsbridge for an hour or so then the not so polite surroundings of Dorset, mud, hay, sand and salt water, looking exactly how we discussed. I didn’t look coiffed but I did look chuffed.

Mrs V, Highgrove, The Ritz, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,

I was totally happy with Daniel’s ‘less is more for the time being’ approach. Loved that he pointed out the often overlooked fact on a first visit to a hairdresser, that it’s a new relationship which must be learnt from either side. Daniel believes  women need to see hair as an extension of their make up. “Haircolour should be used as a cosmetic, if you have the correct make up in your hair then you should not be dashing for the make up draw in the morning to make you look healthier.  Haircolour should make your skin armed and eyes stronger”
My highlights are going to subtly change according to the season. Now that makes really sense. Why on earth would my hair colour literally stay the same colour come rain or shine? I’d like my hair to evolve and stay as naturally pretty as possible.I think I’ve found the man for the job. Even better, he encouraged me to see how I felt with the result and to return for any fine tuning necessary. Oh, I will…

Daniel is quite a force of nature creating projects that he’s devoted and committed to in the Hair care and Beauty spectrum. Suzanna Galvin, Daniel’s wife and my Modelling mucker from way before he clapped eyes on her, is key to both the salon and the emerging Daniel Galvin Jr empire.

Daniel Galvin Jnr, Suzanna and Daniel Galvin Jnr, hairdresser, hair colourist, married, husband and wife, Suzanna Twig, model

Suzanna has more good taste than she’s strictly entitled to and makes me wonder why I can’t achieve the same symbiotic ambience as she does in all things decorous, beautiful, relaxing and looks so easy…The conclusion I draw is that her aesthetic success is  innate whereas with me it would be contrived. I’ll copy her then fib! Together they have formed a working relationship with The Princes Trust and have also produced their ‘Signature’ range of Highgrove skincare products available online from September. Not just another glitzy collaboration, this is heavenly stuff. Please lookout for my next blog post ‘Highgrove and Mighty’ for all that is coming from September onwards.

  • vanessab
    July 12, 2016

    Love that insight about your haircolour should be an extension of your make up. On my wish list to visit. Thank you and fab hair 🙂 V xx

    • Vanessa
      July 12, 2016

      Glad that it resonated with you too. Daniel’s not your run of the mill Haircolourist. Quite visionary in his approach.x

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