Flung back Thursday

Scan 40

Here in Hermes, happy as could be.

Hermes is not all about the Kelly Bag and chin strapping headscarves. When I was modelling for them over 20 years ago, I learnt a little bit more about luxury and style. I was told by someone who worked there at the time,  that one can’t achieve beauty without a little tiny bit of bad taste, just a small element of wrong, that makes an outfit perfectly right. So true, it can be a gaudy print on a fabric, an iffy hat, or a confrontational  colour, and believe me as a redhead I’ve been subjected to some tricky ensembles. When Marc Bohan, was at Dior he presented me with a Evening  Suit in a stupefying shade of lime green with black polka dots and said, you’ll look lovely in this…. I struggled with that concept, but strangely it worked, dots, colour and curly red hair. Would not have picked it off the rail beforehand, but might now.

Would wear it with Trainers though.

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