Pony Tails

pony tails - 1 (1) Swing time, Vogue UK, July.

July Vogue has promoted pony tails and the wearing thereof, so do I. When I was little and my mother tortuously brushed my hair with a very un-bendy hairbrush and restrained it with an elastic band ( no nicely covered stretchy bands way back then ), it became a tearful process, both doing the style and then undoing it.  I associated Pony Tail’s with pain and ugliness, which in retrospect wasn’t surprising as red puffy eyes are rarely pretty. Now, it’s all change here with my Tangle Teeser and my forgiving hair bands. It’s a style that depending on the height and position, on your head,  can suit any age and face shape. You’ll see in some other posts that I do tend to scrape my hair back in a pony tail with varying styling success, you be the judges. Also, the nape of the neck, under used body part, so set that as featured image for a while, We like!



Two of the ways to wear your Pony Tail that caught my eye. Karlie Kloss chose to casually scrape her hair back, low at the nape of her neck,and looks fab, and has upped the anti by swiping on a great red lipstick, to Red Carpet the look.

Jennifer Aniston has gone for casual perky, and really natural make up. Although it looks like she’s wearing a properly smart outfit, she could equally run home and change into jeans and a T, and not alter anything from her shoulders upwards.

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