Sun Shiny

TOPSHOP, Highlighter,eye shadow,glow, iridescence,illuminator

Look what I’ve found to shiny up your life. These little darlings are compatible with all skin colourings, and contours. Just choose a pretty place on your face and smudge them on. They are TOPSHOP treats,and are winners  all the way on the quality, price and fun spectrum.

These little gems will subtly mention your cheekbones, and truly zazzy up that very influential area  just under your eyebrow. I’ve chosen for my cheekbones Glow  in  ‘ Polish’  This is literally pearls in a paste. Pat it on over your cheekbones for a mystifying iridescent illusion, you’re  looking great and none knows why! For my eyes I’ve chosen Wax &Wane ( this may be a blush, but do I care? ). It just hovers above the eyelid and grabs the light sometimes. Sneaky.

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