The Other School Uniform.

Faux Fur jacket, M+S , M+S faux fur bed jacket, short deconstructed jacket
Woollen dressing gown, M+S house robe, M+S lingerie, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Wool dressing gown, M+S, M+S nightwear, lingerie

Dear All,

Weighing in on the ‘nighties on the school run’ debate. I am absolutely fessing up to doing that. Ok it’s true, I haven’t been seen at the actual school gates in my slippers smothering my 3 princesses with kisses ( yes, kissing them at school gates, a very popular move), but there’s a fine line between Uggs boots and my Celtic house boots, equally discerning the difference between actual sweatpants and the bedroom guise of  ‘lounge pants’.I am grateful to the new great and gorgeous M+S, A/W 2016 collection, with its deconstructed casual, pretty and practical house robes because although not available in store until September, it will be hovering around well in time for Christmas lists, which is when we can all order our new school gates uniform. The subversive little items shown above are my ardent suggestions for your new politically correct school run garb. They won’t give your morning ritual away, they will permit you 10 mins longer in bed, and they will cover you up and keep you warm.

BUT, consider this;

Celine S/S 2016, Mrs V,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing
Celine S/S 2016, white satin/silk, black lace, wide legged trousers, camisole top

Celine S/S 2016

Is Miss Head of School, not letting me wear outfits that are currently completely on trend and not just available from Coco de Mer, or Agent Provocateur ? No Miss, you shouldn’t because similar are attainable on the high street and some are residing in my too trendy ( according to one  headteacher’s style edicts ), wardrobe, and if I wore them on a rather hot summers day, maybe Sports Day with a little cardi in case there’s a cool breeze,  would I have stones hurled at me for looking inappropriate? Truly people, most teachers can teach me huge amounts about Methods in Mathematics  but perhaps less about the how to rock a tracksuit that is going nowhere near the locker room. The Model Edit is not judging and would like that courtesy extended.

Mrs V is off to Waitrose now in my tracksuits which may or may not have been on a sleepover with me last night…


  • vanessab
    May 18, 2016

    Ha! Fab post, love the idea of M&S house robe, sounds great! x

    • Vanessa
      May 18, 2016

      Thank you Vanessa, Have you done it too? Honestly, lounge wear, sports wear and night wear all converge anywhere now, I can’t call it, can you? It’s all fair game in my opinion.

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