I Can’t Hold a Candle to This

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This beautiful, balmy, seductively scented candle brings my total recommendation of selected LAFCO products to three. I would, however, after researching their philosophy and production, unstintingly recommend the whole spectrum of their wares. The hardest decision for you, would be choosing your scent of preference.I am currently seduced by the Champagne theme and have been serenely wafting around at night, imbibing the smell of my LAFCO Champagne Candle.Knocking back the delicious aroma of this very intoxicating Cocktail of a candle.candle, scented candle, wax,

If you knew how many toxic ingredients that are generally in candles,you’d probably stop buying them. Lafco’s candles are made using vegetable waxes with a little food grade paraffin (the same thing that goes into chocolate).The fragrances are natural essential oil based. Most importantly, the 100%cotton wicks are non chemically treated. This makes for a safe, clean burning candle.

Also,I do really like that my candle writes little notes to me.

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