Buckham Fair Round Up

Martin and my Baby #1 judging ‘Best Trick’

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We have survived the deluge thanks to all our amazing supporters. Surely the last time  people had so much fun, walking through so much mud was at Glastonbury, until that is, Buckham Fair embellished the experience by adding so many, dogs and ponies into the mix.dog coats, Wellington Boots


It must be said that an attack of style can strike at any moment, and I do think that these two little punters counterattacked the weather with a Zoot Suit load of swag.

Can the same be said of her…?

catering van, jumpsuit, sunglasses, beret,converse trainers,The Grey Earl

Thank youaploosa to all the gorgeous people that rocked their Wellies and a Cagoule to come along and donate their money to a most fabulous cause. Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.


  • Maya M
    August 29, 2015

    It all looks amazing and the zoot suits are too cute! I defo wanna come next year :)x

    • Vanessa
      September 1, 2015

      Thank you Maya. I’m very happy that you like that post. Keep reading, lots more fab things to come x

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