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J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, models, catwalk, high heels, trousers, audience, photographers, paparazzi
J.JS Lee, press show, London Fashion Week, catwalk, audience, fashion editors, paparazzi, models, clothes

Once I had surmounted the overwhelming feeling that ‘it should have been me’ as soon as the spotlight chose it’s victim, I totally assumed my role as Mrs V, style blogger. I was searching for anything that would congratulate and inhabit the woman whose wardrobe, isn’t  necessarily the target audience for this, that and the other designers showing at London Fashion Week. J.JS Lee sent out looks that I could disseminate and imprint on a variety of my target audience. I like the strident reds and blacks. I liked the dress over trousers suggestion, although the ‘trousers’ did turn out to be leg warmers. Donna Karan’s wrap dress 15 years ago, was the last time I really considered doing that, but it’s my favourite , a multi tasker; sexy and practical. You can seriously stress your Louboutins seeking that combo out. I also loved the big blousey tweed coats and dresses. There are many wearability miles in this collection, but standout next to the water-cooler looks too. If this is a label that you hadn’t previously considered and you’re looking for fabulousness in your work world, please investigate this beautiful, totally current collection.  Shout it out checks with big coats concealing body contouring tweed dresses. Nice juxtaposition. Plenty to inspire and more than plenty to covet. Nicely done and thank you for the permission J.JS Lee.

Fyodor Golan, catwalk, press show, fashion editor, audience, photographers, paparazzi , models
Fyodor Golan, press show, London Fashion Week, photographers, fashion editors, magazines, catwalk, models, audience, style blogger , Vanessa Voegele-Downing,
Fyodor Golan, press shows, models, catwalk, fashion editors, audience, photographers,, Vanessa Voegele-Downing

Fyodor Golan was a very groovy show to watch. The music is on my playlist and really cool ( thank you teenage daughters for keeping me popping) and the clothes were ambulatory artworks. Logos and applique, satin and faux fur. Amid these components were happy making outfits all with access routes, for a cosmos of our shapes and sizes. I’m definitely going for the embellished jeans with flounces, what’s not to love? The satin logo looks, involved beautiful shapes, sophisticated and flamboyant. No need for Tiaras to push the point home. Fyodor Golan have presented a collection that speaks colour, shape, the world we live in, young and edgy. But glory be, readers.We can infiltrate, divide and dilute. This is not age inappropriate.

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