Mrs V and London Fashion Week.

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London Fashion Week inspired me to go everywhere, see everything, talk to everyone and wear everything residing in my wardrobe that simply doesn’t love the mud of Dorset. I must say a huge thank you to all my fashion mogul friends that have helped me on my mission, to infiltrate, illuminate and pontificate about fashion for people that are not teenagers but shouldn’t be sartorially sidelined just because of that. Lovely Modus Publicity are ever supportive and tolerant of my desire to be included and treated like a fully grown up blogger. Johnnie Boden, fellow swamp dweller down here in Dorset, didn’t bat an eyelid when I asked for help. My invitation arrived the next day. Huge love to him and his fully female dynasty.

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I felt really at home at the shows, bit nostalgic but energised and fully persuaded that I’m representing my generation of women and spreading the style news. My stupendously gorgeous friend Sylvia Gobbel was over to walk in a show styled by 70 year old fashion expert Caroline Barker . Checkout this link; Fashion Show modelled by classic models. Sylvia was a favourite model of Helmut Newton when I was part of The Christian Lacroix collective. We managed to rampage through 20 years of catch up chat which included the birth of five daughters between us. I crammed so much into my London Fashion Week.

Kings Road London, London Fashion Week, Adidas sweatpants, Prada bag, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Ugg boots

Just goes to Show…


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