Buckham Fair Pony and Dog Show.

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Buckham Fair is very close to my heart and I’ve been a member of the committee from it’s inception. We are 3 days away from our 7th Annual Fair, and over these 7 years, we have raised £250,000 for local charities.This year’s event will take place this Sunday 23rd of August. We open our gates (five barred ones) at 9 am. I expect you all to be standing there. With deference to my ethos which runs somewhere along the lines of, if you’re doing something anyway choose an outfit that sets you off well whilst you’re doing it and given that Buckham Fair incorporates Ponies, I’d just like to give you all the heads up that it’s not just horses that are being judged in the ‘Best Turned Out’ class…Buckham Fair, brochure, horse, pony, dog

Our committee is fabulous, we all have our own areas of expertise although I don’t think any of us know quite what mine is… However I throw myself into every aspect of it all and have the best old time along the way. This year we are raising money for Julia’s House. This is a Hospice for life-limited children and their families. It’s a charity that none of hope to ever have to call on, but it’s continued existence is so vital for those who do. So my lovelies I urge you to come along to Beaminster, Dorset, and get down and probably dirty for a mahoosively good cause.



  • Karen Mueller
    July 20, 2017

    Love the article. I would like to say I just wish I could come. I am from Texas US rural and only hope to see the same fair at the wonderful Clunes’ family farm when I can finally visit England someday in August apparently. Frankly I like so many things about the English. You -most of you – love horses and dogs as much as I/we do. And I can’t.help but tell whomever reads this that I have always loved English comedies and I would appreciate your passing on how much I /we adore Doc Martin and all the characters past and present. I was born in 1964 just like Philippa and my husband Byron was born in 1961 just like Martin. God bless them for giving such laughter and entertainment to us all. And charity to their countrymen. Wow. And bless their daughter Emily in whatever she endeavors to do if she’s attending University or whatever. Thank you at The Model Edit if you’d pass on my appreciation in a month. Or if not thank you for giving me a glimpse from half way around the world of the event to come.

    • Vanessa
      August 5, 2017

      Hello Karen, I will pass on your comments to The Clunes Family. I was there this morning for our last committee meeting before the event on 20th. We are in super good shape and Buckham Fair 2017 is absolutely going to be the best ever. We would like a lovely sunny day, and if you have any influence over that, we’d be grateful ! Best wishes to you and your family, and watch out for more updates.
      Vanessa, Mrs V

    • Vanessa
      October 6, 2017

      Thank you for lovely words. Our event went very well and we raised £99,000 for this years chosen charity which was, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.Next year will be our 10th Anniversary, so that’s the one to come to! Hope that life is lovely for you and your family. Best wishes, Vanessa

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