Big Girl Knickers, ( has it covered)

Dolce and Gabbana

Lyst £525

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 Now that we have that out of our systems, but at the same time have set the waistline quite high, I shall continue.

To quote Dita Von Teese, flamboyant and professional knicker wearer.

”Don’t save your good lingerie for dates, wear it for YOU’.
Shall some of us also interpose ‘husbands’ for ‘dates’?

Shall we wear what tickles our fancy and shake it up a bit, given that styles for S/S 2016 don’t include clothes being superglued to our arses?

There has never been a better time to shop the navel grazing pantie. Truly, when I started researching this post I underestimated the size (just the once, promise) of this phenomenon, and am now knee deep in knickers. This just goes to show me that big girl panties are on the up and up…. Cutting to the chafe, we can swap our our g string days for regulation school uniform undies,and from there to lacy lady knickers. There is nothing or everything, to hide in. We can mete out the sexy. I don’t need to point out every nuance of the sensual slip of your choice, however, in my mind, the bigger the knicker, the longer the reveal… As I mentioned in my recent Fashion post Join The Navy knickers that maintain full cheek contact are stating their case, and this season’s fashion cares not a fig leaf for that bully, VPL. You are literally spoilt for choice and I felt frenzied about what I would wear, what I wanted to recommend for you and the full economic panoply.

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Moschino boxer shorts, women's underwear, briefs

And for my own personal regressive fashion knickers tribute, a big old nod to my days as Goal Attack; M&S £12 ,(for 2, get in!!).M&S white cotton briefs, women's knickers, white cotton lingerie

M&S £12 ,

Throwback to my old school P.E. changing room, only these days I’m also wearing a bra.

 Knickers to and for, you all. Young, a little bit older, darker, lighter, invitation only or come as you are. I have mostly featured black knickers which relates more to the quality and clarity of the images than to my own erotic tendencies, already has at least two of the featured undies in the knicker drawer, and at least two on the wish list. Any guesses in both categories?. Lots and lots of pale pink and nude ‘intimacies’ out there to be viewed, which I do love, but have avoided here as they may just appear as blank spaces with stockists and prices underneath them.  I will get better. Apple One to One. I love you Genius’s.




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