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removeWhistles Limited Edition Dress, side split dress, navy blue dress,, MrsV, Vanessa Voegele-DowningWhistles Split Dress £180

With navy blue, I feel it’s a ‘get it while you can’ situation. Always when you’re not looking, your hearts desire confronts you. Just as I was contemplating a rethink of my underwear, strings to knickers with hanky pockets in them, I had my resolve confirmed., with good window dressing by Whistles. A school uniform dress whose subversive splits; 1, immediately makes you Head Girl, adding t shirt and trainers ready for P.E. and 2, could really wine and dine crotch to chin knickers. How about a glimpse of a substantial amount of material clinging to your bottom, instead of… bottom? Both dresses can accommodate full frontal and back-al (?) panties. It’s the way to go and my next post will confirm, convince and coersce you in to more is the new sexy, vis a vis knickers. Good, you’re all on board. The other beautiful navy blue dress, also by Whistles, is in fact the high street chaser to my last post concerning stark naked shoulders, Trends, Not Necessarily Spends, and should convince you that I am on it every inch of the catwalk so that you don’t have to be. Get your shoulders ready to be admired but not adorned for that ever so important one day of sunshine that is almost, nearly, perhaps, certain to come our way here in the UK. How short is this post compared to my pet rant of a post Just The Clothes Please ?

Truly, the little schoolgirl split dress stopped me in my trackies in St Christophers Place, W1 yesterday. Happy to do detention in that dress.

  • Emma
    March 23, 2016

    Not that I was ever good in school, but a bit of navy always goes down well and a staple with me. Will check out Whistles.

    • Vanessa
      March 25, 2016

      You won’t be sorry, as these dresses promise much and where you wear them will determine what they deliver.

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