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London Bus, cashmere, intarsia, long sleeved

I wasn’t going to post today but I got to flicking through the new Boden catalogue, and while I totally loved it for my 3 daughters between the ages of 0 to 12, I haven’t really invested in this brand since. So I was really amused by these pretty stylish little ‘I will make your outfit funky AND warm’ cashmere sweaters.cashmere, London Taxi, long sleeved, intarsia

I think that Boden has got it just right and I think that these jumpers can visit town and country. Combine with jeans, jackets, skirts, heels, flats, or wellies. You know what I mean. Pricey, but then cashmere is. I love London, and I would be happy doing a bit of PR for it in either of these little scene stealers.

  • Caroline Collett
    August 22, 2015

    Boden catalogue also received here! Usually it’s a straight-to-bin one; never really went for all those clothes to make mums look like pre-pubescent daughters in jolly raincoats with circles and big colourful wellies! Still, they’re got one eye on urban princesses now too it seems. Have to say the ‘Maya’ skirt, ‘Chancery’ clutch and glittery Mary Janes all led to the corner of the page being folded over for further pondering.
    Still, the new Plumo catalogue arrived a few days before it and was MUCH more tempting. Dangerously so. I’ve hidden it, but sadly I still know exactly where it is….

    • Vanessa
      August 22, 2015

      I felt the same way, but was really amused by these little jumpers, also the lovely orange cape. I feel rather glad that there’s a sparkle coming in from Boden that has attracted my firefly eye! I haven’t seen PLUMO, maybe that’s best…

      • Caroline Collett
        August 24, 2015

        How did I miss the orange cape?! Now, where is that catalogue again…
        Plumo bit more comfy/earthy – lots of Sloppy Joe jumpers. I wear what is now their perennial ‘Jack’ jumper from one end of winter to the other – tight arms, boat neck and totally square top. It’s genius!

        • Vanessa
          August 25, 2015

          Well Missy, the orange Cape appears on pages 88-89 of this current catalogue. Whilst it’s not for me, it would make me smile if it came towards me in the street.I would be pleased if someone else peeped out of the box and chose to wear this bright little bell of a Cape. Especially if they didn’t wear it with the tailored trouser look that it’s shown with in the Boden catalogue, but rocked it a little more, dress and ankle boots, ripped jeans (or perfectly preserved ones) and trainers etc,etc.I have just taken a look at Plumo, and would like to shake your hand. Plenty to love there (ok, Jack the sweater is quite tasty!)

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