Do Sweat the Small Stuff, and Why Hip Hop is Us This Summer.

London Fashion Week, Zenobia Voegele-Downing, Vanessa Voegele-Downing,,Mrs V, Brewer Street Car Park, Sydney Davies, Coat
Vanessa Voegele-Downing,, Mrs V, London Fashion Week, Brewer Street Car Park Show Space, Adidas tracksuit, Prada bag, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

It is without hesitation, but definitely repetition, that I bang on again about the influence that sports gear is having this season. Even those of you in my congregation that assume a Kettlebell is Alessi’s new offering for the minimalist kitchen, should limber up and get on this style’s starting blocks. Oh, and please don’t let be alone in Lidl’s wearing my tracksuit when the only sweat that I’ve broken into is over whether or not their prize winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in stock or not. I’m permitting you to pose not as  fitness fanatics, but fashion one’s. I am wearing two different colour combos of Adidas Originals in this post. Both from the menswear section…I also have a couple of designer track pants, including an Abercrombie & Fitch quasi Tuxedo pair that I’ve worn with ankle boots. I’ve also teamed the whole look together with an uber bright coat from Sydney Davies, sporty and sleek., Mrs V, Vanessa Voegele-Downing, Adidas sweatpants, tracksuit, Dinner Jacket, Dorset countryside

Straight Outta Compton, and straight into your wardrobe.

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