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This is the back cover of one of my old Model Composites. These composites are your business cards, and without one of these you simply can’t function as a model. They are your calling card, and must be left with the client after each casting. They not only give out all your vital statistics but should, by way of an array of photos, show your versatility as a model. Today Models can show their full portfolio of shots by means of an iPad , but what stays with the client is still the Model Composite. It is a  vital currency in the Modelling world. A good one can gain you entry to castings by being sent by the Agency directly to the client, which sometimes gets you direct bookings i.e. you don’t even have to go to a casting because the client has chosen you, simply based on your photos. Conversely a bad one can just as easily leave you out in the cold!

My measurements were all achieved by eating entirely normally (for a rugby player), swigging Champagne and any other alcohol at whim, making eating ‘Tarte au Citron’ an Olympic sport, scoffing all kinds of sweets, pastries and a ton of bread. My point is that I was not abstaining from anything, so those measurements indicate my healthy resting weight at that time.

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