Champagne Everywhere

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Look what I have here. These Champagne soaps by Lafco, are excellent for dry, aging, super sensitive or damaged skin because they give back oil and nutrients naturally. They are perfect for use on your face since they automatically balance your skins natural sebum (the skin absorbs what it needs and the rest is washed away). This soap is more like a beauty bar than just soap. When you use it, you will notice that there is a silky layer that stays on for a minute or so then is quickly absorbed. Heaven.soap, hand cream,candle

Lafco have produced this soap using methods and ingredients that have been used by Artisans for hundreds of years, together tradition and innovation have been used to create unique luxury articles and fragrance, honoring the history of the European apothecary and accenting it with distinctly current points of view The ingredient list is massively impressive, and more importantly the reasons for these ingredients, and how they nourish the skin. I really love the fact that someone has bothered to take soap, a slab of lathery stuff that you can dose with any old perfume, to a higher level. This level actually promotes and cherishes happy skin.. My skin gets offended easily and there hasn’t been a cross word uttered since the introduction of Lafco’s Champagne Soap in to our beauty regime. You can find this box of delights at Amara

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